This morning I woke up and my body said “I need to move.”  



I felt the longing to move, to really connect and feel my physicality.  I wanted to move the concentrated feeling of energy in my head (thinking a lot, city buzz etc) and bring in down into my body before sitting at the computer in stationary pose.  (And I was listening to and following my impulse! Read the blog post on following your impulse here: The Magical Nature of Women ~ Trusting the Impulse).

My body is wise and so is yours.  Our bodies, when we fully connect to them can help us.   When we exercise, when we move, energy moves within and around us and we can literally begin to feel the ‘intelligence’ of our physical selves.

We are incredibly intelligent beings but that intelligence is far from only intellectual mind focused intelligence.  If we used the intelligence of our entire being, well, then life just amplifies ten fold.

This week’s video comes from Yoga Moves studio in Utrecht, Holland.  In it, you’ll learn:

  • How and Why we need to listen to the intelligence of our own body
  • What happens when we trust our body intelligence/wisdom

Movement and body connection is a large part of the Rhythm In Colour experience ~ (I’ll look forward to sharing some future events with you so that you’ll get the chance to join us and experience it for yourself).

To learn more about Howard Gardner’s theories on Multiple Intelligence, read my article ~ ‘Multiple Intelligence ~ Howard Gardner’s Theory‘.

To read further on how movement and exercise affect your mental health, read my article ~ ‘Exercise, Movement & Mental Health.

And if you need an English speaking yoga class in Holland ~ Yoga Moves in Utrecht~
How do you use your body intelligence?  Leave a comment below ~ Get the discussion started ~ in doing so, you’ll inspire others to share their stories too.

Keep Creating & Connecting to the intelligence and deep wisdom of your body…

…with Love from Utrecht, Holland