There is a living language within you. It’s the way that you receive information and it’s the way that you ‘be’ and express yourself. Whether you know it or not, you are always weaving a story into existence. And you are always a part of a bigger story.

We’re living in times that call for our realness. Times that call for living as true a life as possible – a life that honours our uniqueness and that celebrates diversity. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen and experienced the Me Too movement and Black Lives Matter, climate change and environmental and political meltdown, and a global pandemic as the Covid-19 virus has swept the globe catalysing immediate change of focus. All of this has brought collective shadows to light as well as incredible goodness. The world, or rather, humanity’s relationship with it, is being shaken like a snow-globe so that many things hidden under the surface are rising up for us all to see.

We are all a part of this story. And we play our part in our choosing to live a truthful story – the story of who we are – by living our language.

Our lives, in and of themselves, are living stories.

We tell the story of who we are by what we choose, how we live, and who we are being.


What I’ve learnt from my own journey, is that you can know yourself, but not know how to be who you are in a world (or community/culture) that might not recognise your gifts, what makes you unique or what might be ‘different’ about you; a world that devalues your feminine nature and intuition or a culture that tells you, you have to look and act a certain way to ‘fit in’, to ‘belong’.

What if you don’t fit in to that world/community/culture? Or don’t want to? But you’ve been trying to because you want and need to feel like you belong somewhere. What if the answer to belonging comes with the true acceptance and courage to love and embrace what makes you, you? And that THIS is what will help to create a society, a world in which you feel at home, as you feel at home within yourself.

The Language of You is about your story –

And because your nature is vast, it is an ever evolving, changing story.
What story have you been weaving into the tapestry of existence? And what story do you now want to begin weaving?

Join us in exploring the living story that is you, in my pilot The Language of You online programme (which will be live!) beginning with an introduction on August 10th and module 1 (Purpose) on August 13th. Click each image below to learn more about the 5 modules through which we’ll explore the Language of You.






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photo credit: Kevin Thom, Soul Art Day 2018