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An emerging wave of menstrual cycle education is awakening people to the importance of learning how to live cyclically and honour the changing energies and rhythms of their menstrual cycles.

A woman’s cycle is completely unique to her – which is why it is one of the most powerful and profound teachers for self-knowledge you will ever discover.

Your cycle is an EMBODIED* resource. You live it and it affects every aspect of your life, whether you realise it or not.

*What is Embodiment? > EMBODIMENT means that you experience something through your body so that it’s felt in a very real and tangible way. It is not knowledge gathered from external sources, it is EXPERIENTIAL. You know it in your bones because you have lived it. It’s part of your story.


Cyclical Living

Our energy levels, our emotional, mental and physical state, constantly change, and that’s a very natural thing. Except that… we’ve been taught by our Western world view, that consistency is key, that maintaining the same energy levels day in day out is what is needed to keep achieving and to be successful – productivity is everything. However, this kind of ‘maintenance’ doesn’t work for most women, simply because we are not designed that way. We are cyclical, which means that, like the seasons of nature, and of life, we move in cycles – not in linear, straight lines. 

Your menstrual cycle is your ‘in-built’ tool that constantly gives you feedback about your:

  • overall health and wellbeing > mental, emotional, physical, energetic
  • energy management – your cycles of productivity and rest
  • stress levels – where you’re pushing against yourself
  • relationship with different aspects of yourself (i.e. wild, siren, wise, critic)
  • boundaries – where you say yes or no too much or too little


Your menstrual cycle is an incredible resource through which you can: 

  • understand yourself more deeply
  • learn to identify and meet your own needs
  • feel your connectivity to nature and the cycles of life
  • take care of your body better
  • learn to flow with your own rhythm and work with your own energy rather than push against it


And these are just a few.

Learning to tap into the rich wisdom contained within your cycle is to fully use the intelligence that exists within you, so that you can bring your life into full alignment with your own rhythm and who you are.

And when you do – a healthier, more energised, and happier you will emerge.

Writing & Resources

To get started, read some of my articles below to learn more about the incredible wisdom that already exists as your very own internal resource – feel free to comment and share your thoughts below the articles.

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In this resource, we explore: 

  • The unhealthy masculine structures and systems that need to be ‘loosened’
  • How we support systems that don’t support us
  • How some structure and agreements are necessary for a functioning society
  • Feminine cycles and rhythms
  • How to optimise our energy levels by listening to and following the different phases of our menstrual cycles
  • How to approach your employers with ‘why’s’, and with support to implement change
  • Having courage to BE the change!

> Dreams, Cycles & Sovereighty – What have dreams and menstrual cycles got to do with your sense of sovereignty? – Blog Article

> Menstruality – We’re Talking about REAL Periods – VIDEO INTERVIEW with Emily Stewart of The Real Period Project

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