About Jane:

I bring 20+ years of studying and teaching creativity, spirituality, movement, personal-development and energy intelligence into everything I create and offer. I’ve lead workshops, retreats, classes and circles for women in-person for 14 years and have mentored women 1:1 in -person and online for seven years focusing on their Holistic Empowerment.

I work alongside some amazing associate teachers within specific programmes in Self-Discovery School for Women.

Self-Discovery School for Women is an online school (with in-person elements) devoted to teachings rooted in The Feminine* for the modern-day world we live in. We guide, educate and empower intelligent, sensitive, spiritually mature and creative women on deep journeys of self-discovery through, joyful and adventurous terrain. We support women to re-connect with their feminine intelligence; their intuition, natural rhythm, creativity and power, so that they trust in their own voices, have courage to make new or bold choices and become the author of their own selves.

Ultimately, our intention is to guide women back to their true nature, as nature so that they can recognise their unique expression (language), feel a sense of belonging within themselves and the world, and be aware that their voice, presence and purpose matters.


*The Feminine describes the living feminine element or principle that exists through all of life. It does not specifically allude to gender. Teachings of the feminine include all aspects of cycles (menstrual, seasonal, life, birth, death, etc), our inherent intuitive nature (dreamtime, feeling/energy based) and human animal nature. The feminine is present in our lives through our ability to listen, to connect, relate and be present. And through an awareness of our place as a species on this planet who are interconnected with all of life.


Explore our programmes, courses, resources and more personal ways to work with Jane below.

The Language of You™​ 8 Week LIVE Online Programme: The Language of You™ is designed to inspire and empower women to know themselves at the deepest level possible so that they can create experiences, careers, relationships and anything else they want, from the truest language of who they are. We need more of the true beauty that comes when women are living and sharing their natural gifts at their own rhythm and in the ways that most make them come alive.

I invite you into a space where you can re-connect with your ‘original-self’, embrace the full spectrum of your humanity and divinity– a space of depth, magic and mystery – one of creativity, tenderness and powerful presence, that ignites trust in yourself and opens you to your unique genius – The Language of You™. LEARN MORE…

The Language of You™ – Deep Mentorship for Women. Remember who you are, and who you came here to be. Personal 1:1 Mentoring is for women aged 18+ to return home to themselves, to develop sacred and self-loving relationships and to keep the embers of their internal source burning bright. LEARN MORE…

Thank you for that amazing and powerful session. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Oh boy am I still integrating! I feel as if I have stepped into another world. Everything feels different.
L Porter


The Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle Mini-eCourse is a foundational mini-course and immediately accessible, covering the fundamentals of both the practical and ‘magical’ elements of your menstrual cycle. 

This course is for women and menstruators who have experienced any kind of menstrual related fatigue, pain or challenges and want to learn:

  • how to work with your own energy, rather than push against it
  • to become more aware of where you’re over-riding the needs of your body and emotions
  • optimal self-care for each cycle phase so you can reduce stress, feel more energised and be more creative
  • to feel more at peace with the ebbs and flows of your female body and embrace the ‘magic’ she holds
  • to feel more empowered and confident to engage with life’s demands from a place of clarity and self-knowing

Your menstrual cycle is an incredible resource.

Learning to tap into the rich wisdom contained within your cycle is to fully use the intelligence that exists within you, so that you can bring your life into full alignment with your own rhythm and who you are.

And when you do – a healthier, more energised, and happier you will emerge. Get Started with this mini, on-demand online course now. LEARN MORE…

Menstrual Magic RESOURCES: An emerging wave of menstrual cycle education is awakening people to the importance of learning how to live cyclically and honour the changing energies and rhythms of their menstrual cycles. A woman’s cycle is completely unique to her – which is why it is one of the most powerful and profound teachers for self-knowledge you will ever discover. To get started, learn more about the incredible wisdom that already exists as your very own internal resource through my free articles. LEARN MORE…

 “Money is not the issue.  Having the courage to give 
your highest gift is the issue.  There is no security in
doing something for a living when you are dying inside
whilst doing it.  That is taking care of the body at the
expense of the soul.  And a withering soul cannot help
but produce a withering body.  So do not think you are
‘taking care of yourself’ by killing your spirit to keep
your body alive.  How long will you put off what you are 
dying to do?” – Neale Donald Walsch, ‘God Wants You to Know’.