Winter solstice is the shortest and darkest time of the year and in 2015 falls on December 22nd in the northern hemispheres of the world. 

The winter solstice, as with the summer solstice is considered a transitional point of the year and a magical doorway to new beginnings.  And when we celebrate the Earths’ transition points, such as equinox and solstice, we also celebrate being in tune with the cycles of nature and our universe.

But the winter solstice promises the rebirth of light – that we will return to warmth, fertile abundance and the light of spring and summer.

For now, the cold, darkness and short days offer us an opportunity to go inward, to slow down and give ourselves deeper nourishment.  Darkness helps us sink into silence.

Sinking In

I felt the inspiration to offer a Women’s Feminine Wisdom & Nourishment Mini Retreat during these darker, colder months in the north, so that we, as a group, can ‘sink in’ to the depth, silence and wisdom of our internal world.  So that we can offer ourselves and each other the deeper nourishment and nurturing that is often needed in the absence of light.

We can make an intent to create deliberate space for nourishment and stillness, to set clear intentions for honouring, respecting and nurturing the feminine essence within us that needs and wants our attention.  We listen to the voice that calls for more nourishment, love, care, space, holding, relaxation and warmth.  We give ourselves space to feel what we are feeling.

So on January 10th 2016, I’ll be hosting a mini retreat, deliberately creating a sacred space for us as women to come together in the New Year both to celebrate transitions and to have space for stillness, dancing, releasing habitual ways of being and calling in the new.

The mini retreat will take place in Schokofabrik, a former Chocolate Factory which is now a building and sanctuary space for women (there’s also Hamam Turkish Baths for women below!).  I love the energy of this space as it really supports us to ‘be’ in our feminine energy.

An early bird booking discount is available until Tuesday 5th of January.

Click on the image below to learn more and to book your place in advance for this special day >

Women Living Brightly Berlin Event

On the 3rd of January 2016 lets Begin the Year with Pleasure & Joy.  I’ll be hosting a Meetup gathering for Women Living Brightly in Berlin and will be sharing excerpts and working on projects from my upcoming book!  The book covers many different life areas but we will focus on the areas of Pleasure and Joy to begin the year with a focus on what we want to feel/experience and change in these areas of our lives.  Read more to join this cosy Meetup in a lovely little cafe in Berlin and Begin the Year with Pleasure & Joy ~ Projects from my Upcoming Book.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas and holiday experience this week!  Sink in to the depths of winter (or flower into the height of summer if you’re in the southern hemisphere!), stay cosy and nourish your heart with the love of family, friends or self, your body with nutritious good food and your soul with sinking in to listen to the deeper wishes that call you forward.

Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Berlin,



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