I write this blog post from Berlin, Germany from my temporary ‘office’ in this super hip cafe.

After three weeks in the Netherlands that included a little holiday catching up with friends followed by two weeks of personal writing time, I felt my intuition strongly guiding me towards Berlin.

You may have figured out already that I am a woman who likes to travel!  I also keep my connections to the places and people with whom I live my life alongside and love to travel with my work, bringing it home and to new places.

And as I explore new directions for my life and work, this brings me to the subject of today’s Rhythmic Inspiration:

Women Creating Change

Women have always created change in the world in every sphere of life.  And women are currently creating massive changes in the world of work and purpose by taking command of how we contribute.

We are experimenting and bringing into creation new forms infused with freedom, scented with creativity, founded by the guiding light of our hearts, drenched in the passionate, pleasurable, colourful energy of live-wire life and the gentle, flowing, river of feminine flow.

There is possibility to live the dream you dream now as never before.

The world has been awakening from its slumber and the latent seeds of long held hopes, distant desires and delicate life designs are being watered with new, focussed attention and bolder intention.

What desires have you been holding dearly close, afraid to share and show the vulnerable, tender heart of to the world?

It’s time to dust off the past and look at the direction of where energy flows to because where it flows is where it grows.

When women know (and we do know) how to take command from our centres of gravity, we do not get so pulled and splintered by the demands and chaos of life.  Creative, sensitive souls such as ourselves, sense so much beyond our bodies so it’s important to actually stay centred in them.

It’s women listening to the calling within, women connected to their centre, grounded in their bodies and their place on the planet who are calling in the changes now.

Striving and Driving

Too many creative women grew up thinking the high powered and driven corporate type of career was the ideal.  That the achievement of this kind of ‘success’ is what they should strive for.  And for some women, it is their mission, it’s the perfect choice to use their natural gifts and suffuse more of the feminine into these predominately masculine realms.  But for many women falsely drawn into this life, it’s the killer of more creative dreams.

If you’re even a little tuned into the personal/spiritual development industry, you’ll have read many stories about the ex truly creative, yet corporate woman who got burnt out from the manic nature of her job (life), who totally crashed, delved into the depths of despair only to resurface and write a book four months later or become a speaker on living your true purpose or how to enjoy life at a slower pace?  And thank you to those women for sharing the hard reality of the kind of lives they have left.

That high powered driven corporate life was not as they imagined.  It did not feel like they thought it would feel and most likely did not stem from a heart-felt desire for that kind of life in the first place.

The kind of successes and achievements that so many of us strive for, often don’t feel as fulfilling as we thought they would when we reach them.

I read a quote by the Dalai Lama today pasted in the window of a little bijou chocolate shop.  It read,

“The planet doesn’t need more successful people.  The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds.” Dalai Lama.

Definitions of what success is and what it means to people are also changing.

What are you choosing?

But we’re not all coming from the corporate world and women from all walks of life and all modes of service are finding new ways of working that fit with the kind of lifestyle they want to have.

Meaningful work fuels your fire, ignites your dreaming in alignment with your values and contributes to life from a place of wholeness within.

We can create flexibility, have fun and try new things.  We can make careers and businesses in multiple ways that use all of our gifts with more joy and spaciousness.  It doesn’t have to be one choice, one place, all or nothing.

There have never been more choices for us; and this alone can be a great cause of confusion.  This is the reason we need to delve into the heart and learn to listen to the language of our intuition.  When we actually follow it with complete trust, life unfolds in magical and miraculous ways.  In unexpected ways and in ways that are often better than the limited expectations we had anyway.

It’s easy to make comfortable choices and fall back into habitual patterns because we know them, they feel safe and familiar.  But beneath the relief in comfort and safety there is an underlying restlessness, a desire to experience more depth, greater love, excitement, passion, creation.  A suppressed desire to feel fully alive.  An alive life is not one where we continue to choose convention if it’s not a decision from the heart.

What are you currently choosing?  Are you creating new things? Do you take risks and show up when you don’t know the answers yet?  Share your comments below!

I opt for exploring new ways of living and working that brings together my loves; travel, creative expression and connection.

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Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Berlin,



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