Recently, I cleared out and organised 20 years worth of files and accounts (and cleared my body out in the process with a cold!). It felt incredibly satisfying.

I find clearing and organising makes my foundations even stronger because it helps to create ‘energetic clarity’. Thoughts are energy and when we get things in order in our environment, it also cleans up the ‘messy’ energy that continues to be consumed whether it’s in the forefront of our awareness or not.

Now energy can be ‘concentrated’ into it’s most potent form. We can get right to the essence of something, keep what is important/relevant and let go of the rest. There’s real power in that.

And so it is with discovering our own ‘essence’, a place from which we can act from our realness, be our unique selves with potency and substance.

So, I’m somewhat excited to bring Witnessed Women workshops to Scotland. These workshops are journeys in discovering your relationship with visibility and boundaries – particularly visibility of your deepest essence, your potent self and all of the different phases of your female cycle.

Read on below to learn more about Witnessed Women and a Candlelit Women’s Circle – an Evening to Slow Down & Connect with your Divine Self.


I’m bringing my Witnessed Women workshop to Glasgow in March!
These workshops were designed to explore our relationship with visibility and the mystery, complexity and depth of the feminine and our female body cycles.

It’s a delicate dance to know when we are deliberately (consciously or unconsciously) hiding, holding back or avoiding challenging situations that can help us to grow, and being aware of when we need personal space to rest and rejuvenate or that the timing isn’t right for something.

Musician and artist, David Bowie, talks about the sweet spot in this ‘delicate dance’ where his best creativity emerges from living on his creative edge and not ‘playing to the gallery’ in this short interview (1 minute video): Bowie Inspiration

This is the ‘edge’ that we want to access because, when we live from this space, we can feel truly and fully alive. 

As women, we often also need gentle guidance to blossom and bloom into our full womanhood. To explore our deep essence and most natural self.

We need to find that ‘sweet spot’ and to know the intimate dance between our creative edge and our need to retreat, let go and soften. This is the masculine, feminine dance that is related to the phases of our female cycles. 


You might be aware or even fully conscious that you have wisdom to share, that there is an inner power not fully realised yet, perhaps you have tendencies to hold back, keep quiet and hide even although you hold a deep desire to show up fully, as your natural self, to express and share your wisdom through your creative work (and creative life!) and feel fulfilled.

WW is for women who have rich inner worlds, who wish to bring their depth of being into alignment with who they show up as in the world .

This is a place to ease into exploring and stretching your relationship with visibility, perception, confidence and being real.

If you don’t feel that you ‘fit in’ to any of these descriptions but feel called to come, you are most welcome.

Join us for this enriching, connective and powerful day workshop at the Wee Retreat in Glasgow on Sunday 10th of March – Early booking option until March 5th. Click here to book a place > WW Workshop.


I will guide us through a beautiful evening of feminine embodiment practices by candlelight with music, movement, poetry, meditation, connection and the opportunity to slow down, be still, and connect back in with our divine self, to listen and trust ‘her’ voice.

Join us for this candlelit circle by the sea in Portobello, Edinburgh.

Saturday 16th of March – 18.15 – 21.30pm
Advanced booking options available. Click here to book a place > Candlelit Women’s Circle – Portobello

I’m looking forward to connecting with some of you there!

Keep Creating & Connecting,

with love,

Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2018.