The Masculine/Feminine Balance
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Recently, I’ve had a number of questions popping up from women around the feminine/masculine balance within us.

Q: Why do we need to be in our feminine more?  Don’t we all have both feminine and masculine within us?  I like being masculine, I’m used to it!

A:  Yes.  Every man and woman is a glorious mix of masculine and feminine energy which expresses itself in different ways.

But the problem in recent history for women has been that they’ve spent way more time in their masculine essence, thinking that doing things the masculine way would get quicker and better results (particularly in work).  So many women are disconnected from the immense power they can access when they turn on their feminine essence and get used to spending more time there (more pleasure, joy, feeling centred, powerful, sensual, slower, more rhythmic pace ~ yum).

So learning how to access, turn on, use and ENJOY the power of feminine energy is the first evolutionary step towards flowing effortlessly between both masculine and feminine energy.  The scales have been tipped more in the masculine direction.  The practices I teach help women to tip the scales in the feminine direction to really feel confident embodying their femininity before the scales can balance out again.

Then we can choose to switch and move between all that is masculine and feminine within us and to experience the power and pleasure of both, in different ways.


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I look forward tipping the scales the feminine way with you….

until then, Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love


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