A question I hear again and again around working with feminine essence and power is:

“We are masculine and feminine, why do women need to learn to ‘be’ more feminine?’

I’ve answered this question in a video this week which includes a visual demo!  Watch it below.

You may have noticed, especially since you read my own e-zine that there’s a worldwide feminine movement occurring across the planet.  Women everywhere are awakening to the realisation that they have and always have had access to a source of feminine power that contains incredible wisdom, guidance, love and power, and that equally empowers and gives joy and way more pleasure in their day to day experiences.

This awakening includes the fact that we don’t need to live our lives in a masculine orientated way anymore.  The driven, do, do, do, go, go, go vibe that can be somewhat addictive keeps us holding a constant below the radar tension or underlying anxiety in the body.

This can be incredibly restrictive for women who long to feel free, relaxed and at ease in their own body and who want more room for spontaneity, joy and pleasure.  Afterall, life is meant to be pleasurable and FULL.

There’s so much more to this feminine essence/energy/power thing than there may first appear!


Check out my video from 2012 on a similar theme: Does Your Framework Support Your Flow?


Student in the Spot-Light

Elena just completed her first Art of Feminine Presence™ 5 Week Immersion Series and this is what she wanted to share with other women:

“These classes opened a completely new perspective for me, they changed my perception of myself, other people and the world”.

“Before the classes, I felt I needed a change in my life and during the classes, I realised that the main change is inside me and not in my outside circumstances”.

“Since the course, I feel much more grounded and connected with myself.  It’s become much easier for me to connect with other people and prioritize things at work”.  ES

And she’s going to continue for the next series.

When you begin the journey and notice the changes in your life ~ you won’t want to ‘go back’ to a masculine focused way of ‘doing’ your life.

What’s Coming UP?

The next 5 Week Immersion Series begins at Orchard Place in Aberdeen on June 18th!  Every Wednesday evening from 7-9.30pm we get to connect with our sisters and delve into the power, potency and pleasure of our feminine essence in a safe, nourishing and creative space.  These classes focus on our inner selves and open the doorway to deeper transformation, connection and joy with ourselves and those we love.

There are currently 5 places available ~ find out further details here: Classes and if you have any questions, send me an e-mail!


I was delighted to discover that there’s a new well-being centre in Aberdeen!!  So I’ll be hosting ‘Getting to Know Your Feminine Essence intro afternoon at Aberdeen Well-being Centre on Saturday 21st June, 2pm -4.30pm.  Come check it out, get a taste of what connecting to your feminine essence feels like and relax in this new space for well-being.  You’ll find further details here: Intro Afternoonplease book in advance so we know you’re coming.


Feminine Focus & Art of Feminine Presence full day workshop!  On Sunday 6th of July at Aberdeen Well-Being Centre.  This is a chance for you to emerge yourself fully into your feminine for the day, to re-claim this potent and delicious part of yourself and focus on you and the feminine part of you first (for a change!).

There’s an early booking discount until June 27th for this event ~ Find all the details here: Workshops and get in touch to book your place (10 places available).

Private One to One Sessions are also available if you want to go deeper and have a more personalised experience:  Feminine Focus Sessions.

So, that may seem like a lot!

But here’s the lowdown on deciding what’s right for you:

Intro ~ If you’ve never been to a workshop or event, I suggest coming to the intro afternoon to get a taster and feel if you want more!

Classes ~ Staying in the energy of the feminine can be powerful and very supportive when we regularly meet with a certain intention.  Weekly classes will give you the supportive circle of sisters and regular touch-in with your feminine side.  You’ll get why doing these practices regularly can begin to change your life from the inside-out over time.  I recommend these classes for most women.

Workshop ~ The full day workshop is for women who can’t manage the weekly classes for various reasons but who still want a good chunk of time to learn and feel and ‘be’ in their feminine within a group of lovely sisters.

Or maybe you want to have it all!?  Well you can! ~ I offer the Feminine Focus Package which can be tailored to suit.  << click it to find out more.

Is your masculine container getting a little too tight?  Or is your feminine flow drifting all over the place?  Share your thoughts in the comments below here or on the Facebook.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love



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