Dolphins Playing in Florida

Have you ever felt like you’re meant to be somewhere but for various reasons you couldn’t make it?

I felt like that yesterday on the winter solstice.  I had the longing to go to a winter solstice sound activation evening here in Naples, Florida (where I am for Christmas).  But I left it too late to organise a way to get there so I didn’t go.

But interestingly, I decided to call the woman who had organised the event anyway.  She told me that it would be great if I could make it, but I didn’t actually need to be there to connect with the energy of the group.

It may sound totally woo-woo to you, and although I didn’t ‘hear’ the singing bowls and the sound, I really felt energetically connected to the group and somehow part of it even though I wasn’t there in person.  I went outside and sat under the stars to meditate and ‘tune-in’ and felt connected to this group and the powerful energy that was being created on the winter solstice.

I didn’t feel like I missed out in the end at all because I felt the change this connection brought.

Just like we can be connected to our family and friends and strongly feel their loving presence from afar, so too can we feel this connection and deliberately ‘tap into’ it with gatherings and groups of like-minded people.

At this time of year, not everyone has family to be with, or some people just can’t make it to travel to be with the ones they love at Christmas…I almost didn’t think I’d make it to be with my family either this year!

So it’s comforting to realise that we are still energetically connected to our loved ones wherever we happen to be on the planet.  (Skype also helps!).  And when you think you’re missing out, in one sense you may be, but really, at the risk of sounding totally cheesy, we are connected by our love for each other and can still give and receive the benefits of this love from anywhere.

Remember to PLAY!

Once again, the animal kingdom reminds me of how being playful is vital to cultivate joy and freedom and that life is meant to be filled with playfulness and pleasure.  (See my other article on ‘The Secrets of the Smartest Creatures on Earth‘ about what playful animals teach us).

On a walk along the beach here in Florida, I spotted two dolphins jumping, playing and catching fish.  I felt elated to witness them (as you’ll hear in the video!).  Watch the dolphins playing in the video below to be inspired by their loving, playful energy.


I wish for you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas time and if you find yourself alone, then remember that you are eternally connected and loved by many, whether you feel it or know it or not in this moment.  

Thank you so much for watching/reading and listening, I feel grateful and blessed to have you as part of this growing community of women (and a few men!) open to exploring your own personal growth, pleasure, presence, playfulness and expansion.  (And even if I’ve never met you in person, we can still connect from afar!).

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting,

with Love


Mr Sandman, Merry Christmas from Florida!













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