Image ~ River Esk in Roslin Glen, near Edinburgh ~

These last few weeks of August, I’ve journeyed through my homelands in Scotland, from Edinburgh, to Aberdeen to Findhorn and back.

It’s so important for me to touch base with my roots and land on a fairly regular basis.  It’s like an anchor, a remembrance, familiarity and comfort in a long lost family member.

It’s also because Scotland is abundant with wild, open spaces.  Something I sorely miss living in the centre of a city metropolis.  The country has a ‘language’, just as every country does, that speaks to ones soul.  And in this ancient land there is much to be said.

Nature and land have a voice and each country is steeped in the collective history that has occurred there from the beginning of time.  We can connect to the living, breathing organism of Earth and feel her heart beat from wherever we are but when we return to the land of our birth (if you ever left it) it’s possible to feel new sensations as well as past memories arise.

It’s often the land that calls us to a place, even if we think it’s for work or family or even a holiday, beneath the things that we will do there, is a deeper calling from the land itself.  The climate, the scents in the air, the feel of earth beneath your feet, the energy and movement of a city; we are called to places, to give and receive of the energy there.  To be held and supported as we move into a new phase or to ground us, to create perspective shifts, pull us into alignment with a different rhythm or to contribute our own energy to the land.  Just being in a different country can ignite so much within us.

This has been my experience of Berlin too whereby on my first arrival here last year, the initial contrast of where I had come from (Scotland) was clear.  After a while of living in one place, contrast dissipates into a deepening of experiencing the environment, blending and merging and being fully present in the culture.

My trip to Scotland pulls me into a different rhythm and gives me a new perspective from which to see my experiences of Berlin.  And on returning to Germany again, initially my senses are heightened to new perceptions here as well as a flood of feelings based on my journey in Germany so far.


We form relationships with places and countries as well as people.  And just as some of our personal relationships with people can last a lifetime or a moment; so too can our relationships with the land of certain countries.

Tasting different ‘flavours’ by travelling and living in new places gives us the experience of contrast and ‘pulls out’ aspects of our personal nature that we could not or did not allow to be seen or emerge where we were.  This can be for many reasons.  There are cultures that welcome certain ‘ways of being’ that others do not and to travel is to explore the multi-faceted nature of who we are just as our relationships with people offer us a similar opportunity.


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Where do you feel or have felt called to visit, whether a local nature spot or another country? What do you feel is calling/called you to this place?  Share your experience in the comments below of being ‘called’ by the land, you may inspire someone to listen to their own calling!>


Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Berlin,


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