Nut Butter Balls ~ Jane Cormack 2014

I’ve been in creation mode.  My favorite, most happy enhancing place to be.  (That and being immersed in wild nature, hanging out with my tribe and going on travel adventures small and large).


in a nutshell.  The foundations of my (and most likely my ‘tribe’s’) happiness and well-being.

Creation happens every day.  The creation of a meal, a new recipe, an article, a video, a workshop or class series design, the very gradual creation of a book, a painting, a piece of jewellery, a sculpture, a dress design, a song; there are so many ways in which to channel creative energy.

The creation energy is especially potent around women’s menstruation and follicular phases of their feminine cycle.  (And is amplified in potency even more when in alignment with the full moon AND a solar eclipse!). This is a window of opportunity each month to ‘capture’ this rich pool of creation energy and flow it towards the creative projects you want to grow and flourish. Or simply to take pleasure in a fast and easy creation (like my nut butter balls in the image!).

If you’re filled with creation energy and want a quick and healthy place to channel it into…then try my recipe for:

Nut Butter Balls:

(I never measure anything and always intuitively add and adjust ingredients until it tastes ‘right’ to me, so these are rough measurements ~ it’s more fun this way!)

A couple of dessert spoons of:
Sugar free peanut butter
Sugar free almond butter
Sugar free cashew nut butter
1 cup of raisins soaked
2 dessert spoons of cacao or cocoa powder
dash of cinnamon
toasted dessicated coconut 
(toast for 5 minutes or so in a dry frying pan)

Blend together, roll into balls and roll in toasted coconut, refrigerate to harden a little.
Et Voila!  An easy, quick, healthy treat.  Creation, release, consume, enjoy.


And so to my other creations coming up in May:

My new Art of Feminine Presence™ 5 Week Immersion Series begins on the 7th of May.

This is for women who want to go deeper with this transformational work on a weekly basis and experience way more than what’s possible in a short workshop.  We stay with the same intimate group for the 5 week series which supports us to amplify our intentions and desires in a safe and relaxing environment, make new friendships and create new opportunities for collaboration.  Anything is possible when women gather with a shared intention:

‘When women gather together in groups to support, share and encourage each other…magic happens’.

There are 6 places currently available for this series so get in touch if you’d like to join us.  Further information on classes can be found here: Classes

(If you know you can’t make the entire series of dates, please get in touch to discuss options).


My next Feminine Focus workshop is on Sunday 25th of May at The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen.

There are 10 places available for this workshop and an early bird booking discount of only £45 until Friday, May 16th.

If you and a friend would like to join us, further details of the workshop and how to book it can be found here: Workshops


And I’m now offering new ‘Feminine Focus’ One to One Private Sessions for women.

My Feminine Focus Package is a new way to work with me over a period of time and includes one to one sessions as well as a group event and more.  Feminine Focus Individual Starter Sessions are also available:

To find out more details of how you can work privately with me go here: Feminine Focus Private Sessions


What’s your happiness enhancer?  The thing that you get ‘lost’ for hours, days and weeks in?  Share it in the comments below, we want to know the different things that enhance happiness!

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love


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