What unique flavour do you add to your creatively expressive mix?

Our very essence imprints upon everything we do in life.  It is our unique energy that spills out into our environments, our home decor, our style, our painting, writing, our photographs, our blog posts, our videos, our conversations, our food shopping, our everything!

How are you expressing your unique creative flair?  Watch this week’s video to see what happens when you start to notice the unique way you express your creativity in daily life.

And see what simple object inspired the video in which you’ll learn:

  • Why, even given the same ingredients, nobody else will ever create like you do
  • Why we need to just begin, follow our dreams and DO IT! (Even though it seems like it’s all been done before)
  • Why my ‘me-ness’ is nothing like your ‘you-ness’
  • The often surprising things that give us inspiration and ideas

I’ll give you a recent example of how we can fully express our own flavour and then mix it up with other people’s: Last night I watched a film, written, directed, co-produced and starring the French actress, writer, director and producer Julie Delpy! (Also the writer and star of ‘Before Sunrise & ‘Before Sunset’).  The film ‘Two Days in Paris’* starring Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg is SUCH an expression of who Julie Delpy is.  Although I don’t know her personally, her essence and creative flair shines through because the project began as her baby.  She wrote it, so the original acorn of an idea began from within her, then was expressed outwardly through the whole process of making the film.  Delpy created a whole world which entwined the flavour of other actors and actresses, directors of photography, set and costume designers and the whole team who added their unique ingredients to the pot to create this somewhat unusual, flavoursome movie!

Let’s see more of your creative flair and flavour!  Maybe you want to mix your ingredients with a collaborator to create a new flavour?  Try it out…you’ll see from my own work that I sometimes collaborate with others (The Feminine Art of Listening ~ Connecting Nature & Creativity project is a combination of my unique expression with that of my collaborator Marielle van Dop).

What idiosyncrasies do you have that lend to your unique creative expression? 

Leave a comment below because we all want to know !  What YOU share helps everyone else too!

From a forest in Findhorn, Bonnie Scotland,

Keep Creating & Connecting & putting your special flavour into everything you do…

with Love


* 2006, Polaris Film Production, Universal Pictures.