I’m still here in The Netherlands, now in Maarssen near the city of Utrecht.

I’ve been taking a break these last couple of days to hang out with friends, soak up the culture (and the sun today!) and to just enjoy being here before I return to Scotland in a few days time.

So, this weeks Rhythmic Inspiration is going to be short and sweet!  And is on the subject of guess what; ‘taking a break!’

Cycling on my Funky Dutch Bike

Think about what ‘taking a break’ really means:

  • breaking up the usual
  • stopping what you usually do to do something you don’t usually do
  • creating a deliberate crack in the schedule so something else has room to enter
  • creating a ripple

When we choose to ‘take a break’ in the form of a holiday or just a few days with no plans, we are creating space.  In that space, new things have a chance to come into our lives.

In those moments of down time we usually choose things that we really love to do.  Like lying on the sofa reading a novel all day, eating whatever food we love, meeting friends for fun, strolling around in nature, sitting in a cafe watching people and the world go by…we slow down, we relax, we allow ourselves to just ‘be’.

What we also do is remind ourselves of what feels good, of what we really like and love, of what freedom feels like.  We practice having no plans, no schedule and being in the flow of life.  We step back from the speed; kinda like stepping out of the regular flow of our own lives for a bit.  From the new place in which we stand, we have an altered sense of perspective.  We can make different choices; we can change the course of our own lives.

So here’s to doing nothing, or something within the nothingness that cultivates that warm, cosy inner glow; that makes us smile in contented glee at what life’s simple pleasures can bring.

And if you’re thinking of a break soon, and you love to dance, paint, connect and spend time in nature, then mark the 4th of August in your diary!
Marielle and I will be travelling to Findhorn in Scotland to host a one day workshop on The Feminine Art of Listening ~ Connecting Nature & Creativity there and we’d love for you to join us.  You’ll find the details below.
The Feminine Art of Listening ~ Connecting Nature & Creativity Workshop ~ Findhorn, Scotland
When: Saturday the 4th of August, 2012, 10.00am – 4.00pm.
Where: Moray Art Centre, The Park, Findhorn, Forres, IV36 3TA.
Cost: £50 – £65 sliding scale including art materials + tea & coffee.
To Book & further info: Contact Jane at jane@janecormack.com or call  +44 (0)7500386973 (UK).
You can also view more information on The Moray Art Centre Page

I’ve included a short video clip from my ‘break’ time just for fun!  I’m hitching a ride on the back of my friends bike into Utrecht (lucky Holland is flat!). (If you think my voice sounds hoarse, it’s because I strained it ‘sound making’ at the weekend).

What do you love to do when you take a break?  Leave a comment on my blog page and let us know!

From sunny Maarssen in The Netherlands……..Keep Creating & Connecting…see you next week from Scotland!

with Love