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Well-being is at the heart of our capacity to live well.  But is well-being a priority for you?

I’m currently spending a couple of months of winter in the Canary Islands! Unfolding into a new phase with potential new ways of working that encompasses greater well-being.

It’s my intention to share quality, inspiring, meaningful, practical and useful content with you, so my newsletters will also be developing into new shapes and flavours over the coming months.

This is a full edition as there’s a lot to share this month!


Well-being is a holistic term for our whole state of being.  It relates to our sense of wholeness or lack thereof.  Our well-being consists of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of being and whether or not these aspects of ourselves are in balance.  We may feel ‘well’ in one area, e.g. physically or mentally while feeling emotionally or spiritually un-grounded, but since we are whole beings, each ‘part’ of us has an effect on the other ‘parts’.  Our emotional and mental wellness affects our physical state of being and is often the source of discomfort or disease in the body, just as physical discomfort can affect our spiritual connections to source and to life.

In our increasingly toxic modern world, we need to give real time and attention to our well-being – our holistic way of life.  This means simultaneously zooming in to realise specific details that are causing problems as well as zooming out to see the wider perspective. Toxicity can be a very gradual process, seeping in like blood to a stone, during which we may not even notice or listen to any kind of disruption until extreme imbalance or illness occurs.

Our  modern ways of living bring about new issues to look at and deal with, like the freedom and joy of an online business with the potential isolation and over-stimulation that it can also bring.  There is always the contrast of a shadow where the light shines.


Well-being is about choosing a lifestyle that is in alignment with the essence of who you are.  What that looks like, will be different for all of us.  When we make choices based on knowing the way we ‘function’ and live best, then we also gravitate towards, as well as attract those friends, clients, relationships and opportunities that are also in alignment with our deepest values and that support our well-being.

What supports your body, heart and spirit to thrive? And what constitutes ‘well-being’ for you?  

Well-being might look like >

  • Avoiding artificial and impure ingredients and environments 
  • Eating plenty of foods that have a high nutritional value (e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables; foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants)
  • Leading an active, outdoor lifestyle with plenty of exercise and fresh air
  • Getting offline by 6 pm and spending quality time with your partner or family
  • Having set date nights every week no matter what!
  • Beginning each day with focus on the movement of your body, walking, dancing, yoga 
  • Sitting down to a proper lunch away from the computer
  • Living and working in different countries and climates to support your nomadic nature
  • Having animals around to love and nurture which also offers comfort and connection
  • Moving and eating in rhythm with your menstrual cycle
  • Spending part of winter in a warm climate!
  • Not checking text or social media messages after 7.30 pm so you can wind down before bed
  • Ending your day with meditation, reflection and time to journal
  • Keeping weekends for nature trips, fun and socialising
  • Having a balance of work that connects you with real people in real time with inward or personal creative time

There are so many ways to bring greater well-being into your life so what supports you best, lights you up and allows you to thrive?


Each month, I’ll choose a blog/vlog from my six years of archives like an oracle card, tuning into the topic and message that best inspires and supports you for the month.

You can use anything like an oracle in the same way that you might use oracle cards.  Ask a question or be open to a message for yourself or on behalf of a group, then choose a blog post, a book from a shelf, an oracle card, online surf and pay attention to the communication that shows up.  Everything can be used as a language if you know how to listen.

This month, well-being is the hot topic and on this theme, the following video blog popped up > Life is full of rhythms which we can become pulled in or out of in any moment.  In my very first vlog from 2012, Are You Listening to your Natural Rhythm?, I share some timeless nuggets of wisdom that support you to honour and listen to your own rhythm.  I’ve re-shared this video a few times because it acts as a powerful yet simple reminder (which we all need) to help pull you back to your centre in those moments you forget yourself, feel discombobulated or need to slow down, speed up or continue momentum.  Watch the video and stay open to see what message or inspiration may be there for you; it might be just one word, an idea or something entirely unexpected >


In new newsletters, I’ll also occasionally share inspiring, informative and practical resources that enhance and light up my world that I feel excited to bring to you.  These are resources that I think you’ll find useful and that I have experienced and truly value myself that also support my own work, message and expression in the world.

I believe that connections and collaboration rather than competition among women is the way forward, so I want to bring you the very best connections with other women and their work that may be very similar to my own, yet expand and enhance the experience or knowledge for you.

On the theme of ‘well-being’ this week, I share a VERY important resource on the vitamin D3 deficiency epidemic that is affecting women and our reproductive health and well-being, and one of the most simple (and enjoyable!) ways to support yourself in boosting your D3.

If you feel indulgent when you lie in the sun thinking you should be doing something more useful, then consider this > many women are highly deficient in vitamin D3, a very important vitamin that supports the balance of hormones.  And the most potent source of vitamin D3 is from the sun.  Vitamin D is actually a hormone that is made from our skin’s exposure to the sun and is essential for women’s hormonal, menstrual and reproductive health.

If, like me, you usually live in the northern hemisphere where there is very little opportunity for exposure to the sun, especially in winter, then you’ll need to look into a vitamin D3 supplement…but, if it’s possible to spend a week somewhere sunny in the heart of winter, then this is the best option (I’m currently boosting my D3 levels in the Canary Islands).

I loved this article from Floliving.com in which Alisa Vitti, author of Womancode, talks about the vitamin D3 deficiency epidemic that is affecting so many women and their reproductive health.  Read the article here > Vitamin D3

In what simple ways can you begin to support your wholeness through well-being?

Wishing you wellness and well-being in your weekend,

Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from La Palma, Canary Islands


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