Jane Interviews Peruquois

Jane Interviews Peruquois


Dearest Delicious Ones,

Well I have a juicy Rhythmic Inspiration for you this week.

I had the honour of connecting with the beautiful and talented Peruquois in the Netherlands last weekend.  And she was delighted to share some of her wisdom and work on the Voice of the Sacred Feminine with you all.

Peruquois has been touring the globe since 1997 with her music and astounding voice as well as leading workshops for women supporting them to open their bodies and voices to the sounds of their own primal, sacred feminine expression.

And, as you know, all my own work focuses on creative expression and opening of the feminine essence, so it was such a joy to meet and talk with Peruquois on a subject we are mutually passionate about!

This is a juicy interview for women to hear!  We talk yonis’ (that’s the sanskrit word for vagina btw), menstrual cycles, opening your body and your voice and honouring the sacredness our feminine sexuality.

“It’s not so much about getting women ‘in-tune’ (with their voice), but getting her open” ~ Peruquois.

200 women in a room is powerful; 200 women in a room focusing on the expression of her sacred feminine voice is monumentally powerful!

Click on the video below to watch the interview:



And on a more personal note; I have arrived in Berlin, Germany after listening to and following an inner calling to come here to live and explore for the next phase of the life adventure.

I plan to offer my workshops and classes here so whether you’ve been following me for a while or just discovered and love what I’m doing; then feel free to share with German and ex-pat sisters in Berlin and be part of creating and connecting women from all over the world.


If this interview has inspired you to delve into the sacred nature of your feminine essence, Feminine Focus sessions are always available online from anywhere in the world, as are potential workshops ~~ if you’d like me to host in your area, just get in touch.

My gratitude goes to Peruquois for her time, grace, energy, wisdom and for shining her light brightly in the world.

Thank you for watching and being a unique part of this amazing tribe.


Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…
with Love from Berlin, Germany


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