Do you find that sometimes listening and acting upon your own internal, natural rhythm isn’t always easy?

It takes courage to listen to yourself over everyone and everything else.

Maybe you feel as though your rhythm is out of sync with everyone else around you?  It’s like they are all dancing to the dominant beat of music but your body is instinctively telling you to dance to another rhythm in the same song.

If you are not in-tune with your own rhythm then you just end up following everyone else’s because it seems easier.

But it’s not.  Because you sacrifice things.  You sacrifice the natural health and vitality of your body, you sacrifice clarity of thought; you forget that it’s OK and perfectly natural to move and live at your own rhythm.

I spent a long weekend re-connecting with the glorious magnificence of nature in Scotland which supported me in finding and listening to my own rhythm again and I want to share some of this magnificence with you.  (Click on the videos below to watch this weeks Short n’ Sweet Inspiration).



After living in a city in The Netherlands for four months, a deep longing to  be in the wilds of nature was ignited within me.  A longing to float in rivers, lie on the earth, sit on tree roots, listen to the music of water rushing and flowing over rocks, birds singing, clean, crisp air filling my lungs ~ I longed to return to my roots and hear the voice inside my soul, giving me simple guidance to what is joyful, to what is love.

I longed to feel clean and clear in my heart and mind and nature is my medicine.

In nature, we slow down because nature is not rushing to be anywhere or do anything.  It just is.

If we spend long enough in nature then we give ourselves the chance to find and feel our own natural internal rhythm.  This is the pace at which we begin to hear that internal voice, the guidance that is showing us the way to bliss.

In sharing this now I want to let you know that I’m going to be shaking up my weekly Rhythmic Inspiration rhythm!  I’m taking March off sending weekly news to experiment with a new rhythm to share with you.  I don’t know what that looks like yet as that’s what I’ll be using the time to find out!

In April I’ll return either with a new rhythm or a refreshed weekly rhythm!  Let’s see.  I want to continue to share the inspiration, tips, tools, videos and articles in a way that nourishes, inspires and shakes all our juicy lives up!

So next week will be the final (but not really final!) weekly Rhythmic Inspiration until April.

Have a natural, inspiring week living in your own rhythm..

Share your experiences  ~ leave a comment below ~ your words could help someone somewhere get back on their own rhythm train!


Keep Creating & Connecting…

…with Much Love from the Findhorn River in Scotland!


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