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The more deeply I delve into all things that can be considered ‘the feminine’ (not feminine, but ‘of’ the feminine) – the more I feel that this is the missing link to bringing balance into life, healing inner and outer conflict, disharmony and fear. That’s a mighty statement…but,

…think about it. The suppression of, disconnection from and denial of feminine wisdom and teachings, (which were always present in many forms, yet usually ‘underground’), has had a damaging effect in pretty much every sphere of life:

How we relate – relationships – connection – community – belonging – meaning

Sex- sensuality – sacredness – value – honouring

Birth – new life – new beginnings – creation

Death – loss – ending – seasons & cycles

Mother Earth – mothers – home – breastfeeding

Love – care – compassion – understanding – listening

Wildness – primal – animal – nature & land

Land & Nature wisdom – natural medicine – herbs – health – nutrition & nourishment – healing

Body wisdom – menstruation – inward and outward rhythms – earth connection

Power & acceptance of the dark side of ourselves & humanity – Kali

Spiritual – connection to life – communication with the universe – instinct – trust

Dependency on money – economic systems – exchange – balance – using our gifts

Value – self-worth – confidence – knowing self – living fully – feeling alive

Relaxation – slower pace – space – joy – happiness

We are led to believe that things should be constant and steady, predictable, safe, goal orientated…linear. Not cyclical, but linear. And yet, there’s not that much that is actually linear in it’s movement.

‘Civilisation’ in all it’s attempts to organise, structure, compartmentalise, tame, correct and control has squeezed out the natural ‘order’ that already existed. The wildness, the sense in certain chaos, our animal nature, our sex and sensuality, aliveness, vitality, beauty and colour. The way we relate in relationships and to the land, community, connection, expression of compassion, kindness, love – magic.

I appreciate structure, organisation and clear, linear direction – but too much ‘tightness’ squeezes out space for us to experience all of the above. We see the world differently when we look through the eyes of the masculine or the eyes of the feminine. And this does not mean through the eyes of men or women. It is the internal perspective through which we see life.


Through the eyes of the feminine, we do not lose value as we age, as our cycle of fertility ends, as physical beauty changes into new expressions.

Through the eyes of the feminine, the wildness of the weeds that grow among what are considered to be ‘real’ plants, beautiful flowers – are appreciated for their contribution and understood for their nutritional and medicinal qualities.

Through the eyes of the feminine, we understand that every species has their own intelligence that we respect and honour and that we are all a part of this life web.

Through the eyes of the feminine, we value the bodies that walk us through life and give thanks to them upon death.

Through the eyes of the feminine, we recognise and embrace the sacred and wild in sex.

Through the eyes of the feminine, we feel deeply, we see the unseen, we are guided by knowing.

Through the eyes of the feminine, we know the intelligence of the land and it’s ability to heal.

Through the eyes of the feminine, we trust in the impulse, the ebb and flow of energy, the time to rest, be still and the time to explore and expand.

Through the eyes of the feminine, we listen to life’s seasons and cycles, we honour beginnings and endings, birth and death – we do not fear loss, or the pain of loss, understanding that change is constant.

We need both of our lenses in this life – our male and our female – but we need to learn to value both in the same way and for their different qualities.

And live more, the wisdom that we know.

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On a more personal note, I’ve been a little quiet these last 7 weeks as I’ve been in movement mode, spending 3 weeks in Holland and then helping to look after animals near Edinburgh. It’s been an interesting mix of work, travel, new experiences, nature, creative projects and family reunions. I’ll be getting into a more regular rhythm again as summer comes to it’s end here in the north.

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