Spring is here! Little buds of green goodness are appearing on the tips of bare, scrawny branches reaching for the sunlight…nourished from the root.

I see the awakening of spring reflected in myself and in the people I see around me.  A sense of blossoming outward and upward towards the sun, away from the darkness of winter with the promise of new buds, seeds planted beginning to show themselves for a future harvest.

Harvest time is not so far away for me since I’m currently in the production process of publishing my first book!  Which is incredibly exciting!  Last year during my birthday month of April, I birthed this new website!  And this year, although I’m not certain on exact dates, my birthday month process involves the final birthing of my book!  I really can’t wait to share this book project with you which I’ve been working on for quite some time.  I’ll be posting little snippets from the rich depths of her content soon, to offer you a sense of the magic that awaits.

There are natural times of planting, of growth, of harvest and often of drought for each of us.

“Times of drouth will come.  The healing rain will not fall.  The leaves of your tree of vision will shrivel up, to protect the root”.*

The beauty and potency of these words really touched me.  Sometimes, in times of darkness, feeling flat, uninspired or filled with doubt, those times when the vision we have for our lives may seem like just a dream and when our vision tree seems like it’s withering on the outside…when we can’t see the fruits of all of our hard work and passion, things don’t seem like they work, perhaps ideas fall flat and you feel the drought has come.  That it’s actually a very natural, unfolding process.

There is such beauty, love and tenderness in parts of this tree protecting its roots, keeping them safe.

The roots stay strong because the rest of the tree denounces its need for nutrients, for light and attention.  It wants to protect its root, the core of your vision, without which, there would be no vision tree.

We all enter into those times.  Times of drought, times when we need to come back to centre.  To nourish and protect our roots.  In those times when you’ve spread yourself too thinly, scattered your vision (your time, yourself) so far and wide that it’s beginning to pull the life from your roots and the branches you’ve stretched here, there and everywhere begin to wither, the leaves fall off and branches become brittle and snap.

What is your vision tree telling you right now?

Do you need to tend to your roots?  Or allow selected branches to blossom?  Is it time to collect the fruits?  Or protect and nurture your vision?



Archive Pop Up of the Month 

Each month, I choose a blog/vlog from my six years of archives like an oracle card, tuning into the topic and message that best inspires and supports you at this time.

You can use anything like an oracle in the same way that you might use oracle cards.  Ask a question or be open to a message for yourself or on behalf of a group, then choose a blog post, a book from a shelf, an oracle card, online surf and pay attention to the communication that shows up.  Everything can be used as a language if you know how to listen.


Oh, I loved that this video blog from October 2012 popped up on the oracle today!  The message here is all about getting out of your headspace and connecting to your body FIRST.  In the video and the article I share:

  • How and Why we need to listen to the intelligence of our own body
  • What happens when we trust our body intelligence/wisdom

Watch the video and stay open to see what message or inspiration may be there for you; it might be just one word, an idea or something entirely unexpected.

Click here to watch and read to receive your message for the day >

Listen to the ever-changing seasons of your vision tree,

and keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love,

Image source – Pinterest via Flickr.com of Spring in Kruckling, Germany.
*Quote source – The Trail to the Sacred Mountain: A Vision Fast Handbook for Adults – Steven Foster & Meredith Little.


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