I was reminded of the sacredness of the first two days of my moon cycle this week.

Trying to carry on as ‘usual’ is impossible for me during this time, and so I never do.  I honour ‘moon time’ as I call it, above all else and sometimes it’s not always easy while running a business, yet it is necessary.

On the first day of my cycle this week, the only thing I wanted to do was draw in silence.  I didn’t want to eat, sleep, be near the computer or think of anything and so I sat down with my doodle sketch book (specifically for doodling) and began to draw.  As I drew I felt myself connecting to both the depth and voice of my soul and calmness washed over me as I focused on this single pointed expression.  I don’t know how long I sat there in stillness letting my hands move over paper, expressing something beyond thought, beyond trying but afterwards, I felt that I had given my sacred self what it needed.  And in that moment, nothing else would have done.


Sacred and sacredness are words commonly used in the feminine movement and in the world of sacred sexuality and tantra.  But what does sacredness actually mean to you and what do you hold sacred in your life?

Holding something sacred for me means holding it with love and tenderness. Respecting, honouring, even revering the sacred nature of what is.  You might consider sacredness, holy or divine or something you are devoted to. Many writers and artists consider their creative time sacred; it’s deliberate and protected time for creating and expressing their art.

The Oxford English Dictionary states sacred as being something “Regarded with or entitled to respect or reverence similar to that which attaches to holy things”.*

Consider yourself that ‘Holy thing’!

And so I want to remind you, as I sometimes need reminding myself, of something that is viewed as sacred in certain cultures and to bring this view more openly into our own culture.  Our menstrual cycles.  But why is this sacred and what is sacred about it?

It’s a time of cleansing and of release physically, emotionally and spiritually.  A time to reflect, to be, to allow space to listen, to rest deeply with little stimulation.  Not only this, sensitivity is heightened so it’s time to access the deeper insights and wisdom that we often feel under the surface during the rest of the month but don’t always hear as clearly.  This is the feminine power within.  Now it arises and if we give ourselves space, time to reflect, go outside, be in nature and do what the soul is calling us to do (which may be nothing), we are acting in reverence of our GOD-dess nature.  We treat this time and ourselves as sacred.  Because it is.

And in doing so, we set ourselves up with more energy and clarity for the rest of the month ahead and can ‘course correct’ if we feel we off track.

This is part of honouring your feminine body and nature and this is an element of what I teach and share in my work.


There is an opportunity coming up for those of you in Scotland for an afternoon Art of Feminine Presence workshop in Aberdeen.  Gather and connect with other women to acknowledge and honour the feminine element in you that calls for your attention.

Learn practices that you can bring home to nurture your femininity, your sensuality and the expression of your unique feminine.

The workshop will be from 2pm – 6pm on Sunday 16th of August in Aberdeen’s Wellbeing Centre.  Get all the details and early booking discount (Aug 9th) here > 16th August in Aberdeen.

During this time I’m also available for one to one sessions for those of you who may want specific attention and space to be heard and seen, click here to find out more > One to Ones

How do you honour the first days of your cycle?  What do you hold sacred in your life?  Share in the comments below; your words may inspire more women to treat themselves as sacred and nuture their bodies and souls.


Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Berlin,

*Oxford Dictionary Online reference >


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