Hello Fellow Creator,

I want to talk about ‘The Trickling Effect’ this week.  

What the heck is that you might wonder?

‘The Trickling Effect’ is what happens when you don’t commit to stop doing what you don’t want to do anymore.

A full river is pulsing with energy, direction and flow but a river that has been obstructed with rocks to block the flow only allows trickles of water to be released.

Trickles of water squeeze through the rocks and are dispersed in several directions.  That’s a lot less power and a lot less focus than the full flowing river.

And so we can apply ‘The Trickling Effect’ analogy to the things we are half heartedly doing or only giving ‘pieces’ of our attention to.

If there’s something in your life that you feel has had its time but you’ve been ‘hanging on’ because ~

  • you kinda like it
  • you’re making money
  • you don’t know what comes next
  • you are scared to let go
  • fill in the blank….

then, it’s time to intentionally release it.

It’s important to honour all the different phases of our lives, give gratitude for what we learned, what we achieved, what we gave and received and thank ourselves for all of the experiences this phase brought.

It might be a relationship, a business, a project  or anything that you don’t feel ‘juiced’ about anymore.

You can honour and release this phase or ‘section’ of your life by intentionally creating a ritual or ceremony or in my case, a video!!!

A ritual or ceremony could simply look like writing in your journal a list of all of the things you learned, achieved, gave and received during this phase.  It could look like creating a party or gathering with friends to celebrate and during it, you make a speech or a fire in which you burn items or things that symbolise this part of your life.  Or it could mean giving away certain belongings or creating a special offer or sale.

Whatever you do, recognise your efforts, the love you poured into everything and the lives you touched or changed by doing what you did.

My End of a Phase Ritual

I’m currently releasing something that has been part of my life for 12 years!  My jewellery design work.  And to honour the immense journey this creative path has taken me on, I decided to make a video of a small handful of the thousands upon thousands of one of kind pieces I have created over this time.  AND I decided to offer a 30% discount on all items that are currently in my online store which will be closing shortly.  (Click the video below to see a small selection of these magical creations).

I semi-officially ended this phase a few years ago (This is the Trickling Effect I’m talking about!!) but still kept the online store going and did a few markets.  What I noticed was, that as soon as I stopped giving so much attention and energy to that part of my life, the design business, it stayed in a state of limbo.  But because I hadn’t ‘fully’ closed or ended that part, ‘trickles’ of my energy were still flowing towards it.   Well, now those trickles are going to join the full force river!

When I first began making jewellery many moons ago, I thought I would only do it for a couple of years until the songs and poems I was writing became my career.  But once I got started, I loved the immediacy of producing something from a vision that I could hold in my hand an hour or two later.

I named my business Jac.Art, taught myself most of what I know through experimentation whilst picking up tips and tools from other designers along the way.  I actually began making jewells with fishing wire, sea-glass and recycled beads which I first sold to the ladies at my part-time job when I was 22.  From there, I received support from the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust and learned about the ‘business’ side of being an entrepreneur.

I went on, under the name of ‘Jane Alexandra ~ Unique Design’ to have my work featured in the L’Oreal International Calendar in Sydney, Australia and exhibited and sold my pieces in galleries, shops, markets and to individual clients all over the world!

My creations helped to give me freedom to travel, live in other countries, connect with other creative people, express my creativity and pay my rent!

And so to step into the next evolution of life, of me, I give my thanks and say farewell.

I  hope that this article inspires you to create a ‘releasing ritual’ for something in your life that has had its time. 

Step into the next phase, the next evolution of you.


Follow this link to go straight to my online store to take advantage of this offer before the 26th of May: Jane Alexandra Unique Design.  When you click ‘Add to Cart’, click the ‘Apply Coupon Code’ link and type in this code: 240345.  Your 30% discount will be taken off straight away.  Enjoy this last chance to own a one of a kind original piece of jewellery.



Thank you so much for watching and reading ~ you make such a difference just being you! 

Share what you are letting go of in your life and how you honour that phase ~ leave a comment right here on the blog ~ your words could inspire someone somewhere to halt ‘The Trickling Effect’!



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