Do you think you are smart or clever? 

Well if you don’t know the secret of some of the smartest creatures on earth such as dolphins, whales and elephants; then you might not be as smart or clever as you think!


Sparkling Findhorn Bay in Scotland
Nature and animals are powerful teachers from whom we can learn so much.  I’ll tell you the secret of these emotionally intelligent animals right now…it’s PLAY!  Yes, that’s right; these creatures just love to be playful and are also some of the most loving creatures on the planet.  Play and love have been known to actually INCREASE our intelligence, because intelligence does not lie solely in the mind; our whole being is intelligent.

Often adults take themselves too seriously getting caught up in the details of life.  Most adults don’t give themselves permission to play because they may think some of the following ‘reasons’ why they ‘can’t’ or ‘shouldn’t’:

  • play is for children
  • I don’t have time to play
  • playing is immature
  • I’ve got bills to pay and children to care for, I need to be responsible
  • play is self-indulgent
  • etc etc etc

What play entails is feeling that child-like sense of wonder, curiosity and enchantment about life that many people left behind in childhood years.

I’m sharing this with you now because taking some moments to do something playful, joyful or magical CAN and WILL help you in your business, relationships and health.  Playing helps us remember what joy feels like, play helps us to loosen up both physically and emotionally AND it opens us to divine inspiration in the form of new ideas for projects, articles, places to go or whatever we do in our lives.

Creative expression is a form of play and play opens us to CREATIVE inspiration.  This is one of the many reasons I use creative expression as a tool to help people relax, play, feel joy, feel inspired, have more energy and enthusiasm and so much more.  The effects are profound AND it’s so simple!  Simple solutions are not usually the solutions that people choose because they seem just too simple…we think, ‘there has to be more to it than that right?’  Because our minds want to over-complicate everything.

In this week’s video I swim with seals in Findhorn Bay!  I always feel so honoured to be in the presence of wild animals.  I felt the seals fun, curious and playful nature…this experience really brought me into my joy:
Watch the video here in sunny Findhorn Bay, Scotland:


I hope this video inspires you to do something playful this week…I’d love to know:
  • What you do that is playful and how it helps you in your work or business
  • What creative tools you might use to play with
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Until next time………Keep Creating & Connecting…with LoveJane