Dear Goddess of Venus!

On 5th/6th of June this week the astrological transit of Venus is happening.  This means that the planet Venus passes directly between the sun and earth.  The next time this will happen will be in 2117!! The transit occurs in pairs 8 years apart, so the first part of the transit happened in 2004.  So why am I telling you this you may wonder!?The transit of Venus also represents the return of the Goddess and the sacred feminine to the planet.  This is a time to really allow our inner goddess to shine and to honour the feminine within ourselves and the pure feminine energy of LOVE.

In this week’s video I share with you why women need to learn the Feminine Art of Listening:

Watch the vid to learn:

  • Why most women have ‘forgotton’ how to listen to their own cycles and rhythm
  • Why connecting to nature and the natural world brings us back into our rhythm
  • What the Feminine Art of Listening really means
  • Why Nature and Creative tools help us to listen to our Feminine Wisdom
Watch the Video here:
All the details about the workshop retreats and how you can book are below:

A Workshop retreat with Jane Cormack (Rhythm In Colour) and Marielle van Dop. 

 It’s time to book ahead before the 20th June to receive the early booking discount!

13-15th July 2012, The Netherlands

The lost ‘Feminine Art of Listening’ is gradually re-emerging in the world and it’s time for you to learn HOW to listen and to listen more deeply.
Nature and Creativity are complimentary gifts and tools that we can use to access and open our hearts.  This is no small feat and vital to the evolution of humanity!   By accepting and expressing our deepest feminine qualities, we learn to listen to our feminine bodies, intuition and to access the deeply integrated wisdom that is contained within.  A major aspect of this retreat is about connecting with and experiencing the purity, energy and intelligence of nature.  This can radically change our vitality, perception, energy, hearts and minds.  We experience what it feels like to truly listen to ourselves.  We witness how this transformation affects our energy to create and express ourselves through the arts; in joy with music, dance, paint and more.

Join us for this magical, joyful

and transformational experience.

The Details

Our Venue is a beautiful workshop studio and B&B in Siegerswoude (Province: Friesland, The Netherlands). The venue is very close to a beautiful nature reserve ‘De Slotplaats’ surrounded by beautiful natural water features.
When:We begin on Friday 13th of July at 2pm until Sunday 15th of July at 4 pm.
Costs: (In Euros) €320 (approx £260) early bird price if booked by June 20th.  € 345 thereafter all inclusive (accommodation, food, teas & coffee and all art materials).
Delicious home cooked food will be created by the beautiful Noortje Hakkenberg.
To Book & further info: Contact Marielle at or call +31 (0)513436889 (Holland). This workshop will be facilitated in English; Dutch translation will be available.

The Details – Edinburgh, Scotland,

This workshop is also based on The Feminine Art of Listening – Connecting Nature & Creativity but will take place over 2 days rather than 3 days.

Our Venue: The workshop retreat will take place at the historic house The Gillis Centre – in the capital city of bonnie Scotland.

When: Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July.  The Edinburgh workshop is optional residential and begins at 10am on Saturday 28th of July completing at 4.30pm on Sunday 29th July; an evening session plus dinner is also included on Saturday night.
Costs: (in Pounds) £170 early bird price if booked by July 1st.  £185 thereafter inclusive of all materials, teas & coffees, Saturday evening dinner and session.
To Book & further info: Contact Jane at or call +44 (0)7500386973 (UK).

The Juicy Details
What a Workshop Experience can GIVE you• Connection to joy & purpose
• Clarity

• More confidence
• Feeling of empowerment
• Courage

• Strength
• Further resources
• Become more heart centred & understanding what this feels like
• Awakening to your passion & purpose
• Personal development
• Creative development
• Find YOUR unique expression
• Stronger connection with spirit/soul
• Deeper attunement with your body

• Deeper connection & understanding of nature & its healing & energising gifts
• Healthier mind and body
• New friendships and connections!

• Trust in your Intuitive abilities
• Remember what it feels like to be ALIVE, feel JUICY & to feel LOVE & JOY
The Tools we Use• Connecting & Attuning to Nature
• The Art of Nature
• Meditation/Visualisation
• Music
• Movement

• Dance
• Painting/drawing with Colour
• Word/Writing
• Journaling
• Breath
• Co-Creation
• Heart Intelligence & Connecting to the Heart
• Voice/Sound/Toning
• Relaxation
• Sharing/Group discussion
• Creativity, Nature & Angel Cards

• Sharing food for pleasure!
Nature can help us to:·         Renew our energy
·         Ground us
·         Cultivate clarity in mind and soul
·         Inspire
·         Awaken & Enliven
·         Connect us back to our ‘primitive’ and most natural state, our ancient wisdom
·         Remind us of what is important in our lives
·         Breathe (Literally!)Nature is also:·         Healing
·         Energising
·         Loving
·         Guiding
·         Complex
·         Mysterious
·         Magical
·         Colourful
·         Raw
·         Pure
·         Sensuous
·         Lush
·         Surprising

Nature is a wonderful teacher.

About Marielle & Jane
Marielle and Jane first met in 2010 at an Accelerated Awakening retreat in England.  In this retreat they learnt about Heart Intelligence and creating an amplified field within a heart circle.  Jane and Marielle have since continued their experience and study of heart intelligence through further retreats and online courses.  They offered their first collaborative workshop ‘Flowing with Nature’ together in The Netherlands in 2011.  It was such a joyful and successful experience that they couldn’t wait to create and offer a more in-depth experience in 2012!  Marielle and Jane’s complimentary skills and personalities make for a deep, nurturing and juicy experience!

Jane Cormack (from Scotland) has been facilitating creative workshops for women for over two years in Scotland, Hawaii and The Netherlands.  She began her company ‘Rhythm In Colour’ – Cultivating Courage in Women to Shine through Creativity in late 2009.  Jane works with the expressive arts of music, voice, sound, movement, dance, colour, painting, writing, poetry and intuitive nature connection to support women in expressing spontaneously more of who they are, to shine and to experience JOY.  Jane is also a writer, painter, poet and designer.

About Rhythm In Colour- We support women to find and connect with their own inner rhythm, unique expression and their inner source through creative ‘tools’ of colour, art, music, writing, movement, dance, breath and voice as well as nature connection.  We support women to open their hearts, be spontaneous, go deep, be courageous, communicate clearly and find what it is they want, right now, using these marvellous, expressive tools.

Marielle van Dop(from The Netherlands) has been facilitating nature-awareness workshops for over 10 years.  And for even longer she has been a dedicated intuitive coach.  Her main-drive is helping women who feel stuck or lost in their lives to reconnect to their own inner nature and power, so that they can face anything in life with as much joy as possible.  Her deep connection with the earth sustains her in all the aspects of her work.  That includes working with energy-readings and healing for both humans and animals, feminine presence work, body-movements, heart-intelligence, earth-circles, and phyto-therapy.  Marielle is also a professional nature-photographer.  She is currently writing a book about ‘Earthwoman’.  To find more about Marielle, read (in dutch).

Until next time………Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love