Tall Forest image by Jane Cormack © 2013

Tall Forest image by Jane Cormack © 2013


So what pleasure’s have you been experiencing this week?

I’ve been playing with my ‘Pleasure Project’, the painting I begun in last week’s video.  I’ve also reveled in the taste sensation of fresh, raw nut and coconut oil truffles that I made…mmm, I went cycling in nature with my rain-suit on, swung on a swing in a tall forest on a windy day for the first time in years (I could actually fit into it!), begun painting a mini ‘joy in my darkness’ painting, climbed a mountain with my mum then shared lunch and tea in a gorgeous cafe and delighted in seeing 10 seals playing at the mouth of where the river meets the ocean…check out the short video of the seals I made here: The Selkie Seals of Scotland.

I’ve experienced pleasure in all of these things but there are certain ‘tools’ that can help us to access a depth of pleasure in what we do, that you may not know about.

We all have such rich inner worlds, such depth, mystery and imagination waiting, asking for us to look deeper, feel deeper, to find it.  But we allow (yes, I said ‘allow’) ourselves to be continuously ‘pulled’ out from this place, or before we even reach it, by the many distractions that are outside of us all of the time.

Daily ‘things’, be they people, loved ones, pets, children, work, play, travel, food, house cleaning or our inner critic, so easily distract us from entering this luscious, vibrant, bottomless place that often holds our most potent and dark treasures inside.

Often, we distract ourselves because we fear the unknown of what we may find when we do dive in.  Yet, looking inwards nourishes our creative lives and activates incredible creative and sexual energy, imagination and ideas.

If we have the courage to delve deeper into the treasures we can find in the darkness of our deeper inner world, we find the place to incubate the seedlings of new potentials in any area of our lives.  We find that we listen better to our inner voice that before, we were so distracted from, it was merely a whisper that often got ignored.

Once you have found your centre of power then, it is so much easier to return to because it’s now on the map of your body sat nav!

There is SO much joy and pleasure to be experienced by you simply being in your own body.  By finding pleasure in the most simplest of tasks, every moment becomes more enriched because you are more connected to your body and your desire to fully experience life through it.

You become less prone to diluting your experiences in life by allowing the many distractions always available to pull you from your centre.

Can you imagine how much more enjoyable everyday life becomes when you have the knowledge of how to get to and crack open your pleasure centre!?


I invite you to come and join us at this weekends workshop on October 19th in Edinburgh where you’ll learn how to experience pleasure in simple ways through activating your feminine essence.

All the details are here…What’s On?   Get in touch before the weekend with any questions you may have and to book your place (or book a place for your friend!, she’ll thank you later ;))

And do spread the word to the women in your life that you think will benefit from this work but have not yet been introduced to it.

Join us to crack open your pleasure centre and find your inner treasure…

with Love


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