What's Your Pleasure?


Let’s talk about PLEASURE.

What a delicious word.  Just saying it out loud is ‘plllllleasurable’.

How much pleasure have you experienced lately?  How much pleasure do you take in the daily tasks that you do?  In being in your body?

This week, I filmed a video for you about ‘The Pleasure Project’.  This is a personal project I have begun that I believe is of great significance in supporting you to experience more pleasure in your life if you’ll join me.

Women have never experienced more stress, overwhelm, over-stimulation and choice than they do now.  It becomes easy to forget and greatly undervalue the experience of doing something pleasurable for the sheer hell of it.

We want more pleasure.  We want more joy.  And we can learn to experience more joy in our anger, joy in our tears of sadness, the joy of feeling emotion, the joy of being alive!  All of life can be joyful.  But pleasure is slightly different.  Pleasure is delicious. Pleasure makes you purr, pleasure can be intimate touch, warm liquid chocolate, painting vibrantly with your fingers, pleasure is luxuriating in the taste sensations of a ripe mango…pleasure is luscious.  But it needn’t be a luxury that we only get to experience once in a blue moon.

Often we need to remind ourselves of what pleasure feels like.  Of the things that give us immense pleasure.  If it’s been a long time since you felt it, then bring the experience of feeling it back into your body.  Learn to re-ignite the sensation of pleasure within you.

Watch this week’s video to find out about ‘The Pleasure Project’, be inspired to begin your own and find out how you can join me and other women in person to cultivate the pleasure in your life.



There are still places available on the ‘Powerful and Feminine’ and ‘Staying Centred No Matter What’ workshops in Edinburgh in October and November.

Remember to take advantage of the Early Bird Booking discount by October 5th or book both workshops together for a bigger discount.  Learn more: What’s On?


Post Your Pleasure Project in the comments on the blog page.  Share what gives you pleasure!

When you remind yourself of what is pleasurable to you, you can experience pleasure in the most ordinary of things…

with Love


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