Yesterday was May Day here in the UK and is traditionally celebrated as a springtime festival here and in many other parts of the world, with it’s roots in ancient Celtic Pagan culture. It’s seen as a seasonal celebration of the turning of spring into summer in the northern hemispheres (since the south is moving into winter) and a celebration of rebirth and fertility. Also known as the Beltane celebration on April 30th transitioning into summer on May Day. Dancing round Maypoles and wearing flower crowns is something that we often see in some celebrations.

So, yesterday, my housemate and I got up early (not early enough to wash our faces in the dew as is also tradition here), and hiked up to the big hill close-by our house – with the intention of feeling into what we’d like to release now to create space for new things to emerge. (We also made some flower and fauna garlands for our heads!). It was a beautiful way to begin the day and for most of the morning and early afternoon, I sat in our garden in the sun, reading, writing, receiving ideas and creating space for the ‘new’ to land.

That’s when I felt inspired to speak about the Monday to Friday Myth – which is essentially about the work systems we have created in our society that don’t support our natural rhythms and affect our physical, emotional and mental health. I surfed this wave of inspiration by creating a short video in which I talk about >

  • The unhealthy masculine structures and systems that need to be ‘loosened’
  • How we support systems that don’t support us
  • How some structure and agreements are necessary for a functioning society
  • Feminine cycles and rhythms
  • How to optimise our energy levels by listening to and following the different phases of our menstrual cycles
  • How to approach your employers with ‘why’s’, and with support to implement change
  • Having courage to BE the change!

And the funny thing is, after doing a little more research into what May Day represents, after making this video, I discovered that it also coincides with International Workers Day in the USA, a union created in the late nineteenth century to gain the 8 – hour work day for the working class who worked exhaustingly long days. More recently, it’s also a day for labour unions to protest around the world for fair working rights.

Some people do well with a bit more structure than others, but we are not ‘designed’ to have such rigid structures that can suffocate our flow, physical needs and intuition. 

What do you think? Watch the video by clicking above and leave a comment in the blog below – how do you manage your rhythms in the workplace whether you’re employed or self-employed?

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