You haven’t heard from me in a little while.

I’ve been allowing for some semi-fallow time, a mini sabbatical from hosting events, for the rearrangement, and gathering of a new constellation of my work in the world.

The ‘gathering’ is an eco-system of work that’s been growing, evolving, realigning, contracting and expanding over the past 20 years. Like breathing, there is always new breath to take and old breath to release.

The evolution of our work and expression is always happening and never ends, with every word written, every workshop or mentoring session completed, every brushstroke painted, there’s growth and new inspiration. 

It’s life energy and inspiration moving through us, if we allow it.

My Eco-System of work is an intersection of moving and growing pieces which include: The Restoration of the Feminine personally and collectively, Female Body Cycle/Menstrual Cycle as a Teacher, Women’s Wellness – Psychology, Spirituality and Creativity (art, writing, colour, dance, nature connection), Visibility & Personal Sovereignty, and the emergence of Dreamscapes.


When I was in my teens, I began keeping a diary, which evolved into the practice of dream journaling. 

I’ve been keeping a dream diary now for around 25 years and during this time, I’ve learnt to understand the language of my dreams which can emerge as feelings, symbology, characters, story, textures, smell and sound. There is an energetic intelligence to dreams, that when we learn to read them, can support us in so many ways. 

Dream journaling is the practice of recording this energetic intelligence, the essence, symbology and story of dreams upon waking, and then intuiting their meaning and message through further journaling and exploration.

Dreams are the expression of our deep subconscious that can help us to understand and know ourselves and what’s going on beneath the surface. They are mysterious, often lingering for days in our thoughts. They can be dark, repetitive, prophetic, magical, disturbing, hilarious, profound and connective.

There is no dream dictionary you can use that will offer you a clear interpretation of your dreams because our personal symbols are not generic. Yes, there are universal symbols that we can recognise, such as an owl often symbolising wisdom, but it may mean something different for you, and there are more layers, associations and details that you can begin to interpret and intuit yourself – And if this is something you’ve never done before, working with this element of your psyche with a mentor can support you to reveal the richness of your inner world.

I have made decisions for different areas of my life based on dreams I’ve had. Decisions for my business, for relationships and where to live. I’ve had incredible creative ideas emerge from my dreamscape including songs, fashion design, poems, video ideas and more. And I also regularly experience prophetic dreaming – meaning that experiences appear in my dreams before they happen. But dreams, have also helped me know my inner workings, or ‘world’ – they are an amazing psychological tool to use for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Dreams help us to unravel difficult situations and experiences in our lives and to understand inner and outer conflict. 

They also possess a magical and mythological quality that can help to carry us away from linearity and repetitive, controlled ways of thinking or being, that so many live day to day. This relates to the restoration of the feminine and the valuing of this ‘part’ that exists within all of us.


The Language of Dreams was an original, half-completed chapter of my book, Language of the Feminine which did not make it into the final copy. It’s been gently gestating beneath the surface and now pushing its fresh green stalks through the soil, ready to be seen and watered. It is another ‘Language’ that helps us to understand ourselves in our entirety and wholeness.

What is coming to fruition,  is the timely ‘ripening’ of this gift in me. It is quite an art to learn and understand the language of your dreams and this is something I have been cultivating for many years for myself, without ever imagining that it might be something that becomes included in the eco-system of my work. It can take years to learn this language. To know how to glean the richness of information from dreams that then influence our waking thoughts and choices is an art that we can personally learn to master over time.

I’m now beginning to include the exploration of dreamscapes in my work with private clients through mentoring journeys. This brings in another rich thread that contributes to the tapestry of the wholeness of our inner personal eco-system and that delves into the realms of the psyche. That then, in turn, influences our outer eco-system and how we experience ourselves in the world.

Read more about the mentoring journey below and all that is woven into it.

I‘m currently working with clients online and have 2 spaces opening up for private mentoring with me for 3 month journeys with flexible options.

Through personal mentoring you can feel held to explore and gain clarity on:

Life Direction, finding meaning and purpose in who you are and what you do, developing a loving and sacred relationship with yourself. Valuing and restoring of your feminine essence, developing self-trust, confidence, understanding your unique ‘language’ of expression and your true nature. Awakening or unlocking your creativity, growing awareness of boundaries and blocks, personal sensitivities, menstrual cycle awareness and how to work with female body cycles as teacher, deep nourishment, understanding the language of your dreams, personal archetype mapping.

All journeys support you towards getting in touch with your personal sovereignty while also learning about your connectivity and place in the larger eco-system of the world.

To find out more, click the button below to book an initial 20 minute call (free of charge) with me to meet and talk so that we can discover if we are the right fit.

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With love and Spring Dreaming,

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