I went for a jog this morning by the side of the canal and through the local park filled with huge deciduous trees with leaves the colour of liquid amber.

In the park there’s a bronze sculpture of a nude man bent over in the style of ‘The Thinker’ ~ One of Auguste Rodin’s most famous sculptures.  I like seeing this sculpture of a strong masculine man.  It reminds me of some of the roles of masculinity; physical strength, protection and determination.

After I had returned home and turned on the computer, I saw that Google, had done a ‘Google Doodle’ with an image of Auguste Rodin’s sculpture, ‘The Thinker’ in the middle!  It turns out that today would have been the 172nd birthday of the famous Parisian artist.  Rather synchronistic wouldn’t you say?

‘The Thinker’
by Rodin at the Musee Rodin, Paris
Image by AndrewHorne
So ‘The Thinker’ got me to thinking and two threads of thought emerged from this synchronistic connection.  You can read these threads below:

The Magnificent Masculine

The first was the reminder of the magnificence of masculinity; the masculine form and the physical strength and power it holds and the direction and protection it gives.  When a man is in his heart, this combination can be knee buckling for the feminine woman.  In women this inspires feeling the fullness of their femininity in the protective, strong arms of the magnificent masculine.

The magnificent masculine is also a part of all women.  Just as the flowing feminine is a part of all men.  For to live in this new emerging paradigm, we must know both sides and parts of ourselves.   The shadows, the light, the masculine, the feminine and everything in-between.  When we choose to focus on the magnificent parts of our masculinity; the parts that are clear, decisive, that have direction, are strong, take action and are focussed and loving and blend these parts with our feminine vulnerability, our intuitive flow, our seeds of creation, our open hearts and loving, nurturing being ~ Then we are full; then we are women.
The Art Life

The second thread is the life of Rodin himself.  Which acts as a reminder to all you creative women out there, that art, creativity and expression is the journey through life.  It is life.  Mr Rodin took many turns in his art life building momentum with his continued creativity reaching worldwide fame and recognition in his 60’s.  This after being rejected from Art School three times.

Life itself is an expression of our creative essence.  Your life is the art school in which you are the head of all things creative.  What are you going to master?  What are you going to create today?

Live it.  Be it. Create it.

Here’s to you and your full magnificence!
Keep Creating & Connecting… 

…with Love from The Netherlands


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