I’ve been working on a new creative project based on some of the principles in my book, Language of the Feminine, and on my mentoring work with private clients. It’s called The Language of You – Discover What Makes You, You.

The Language of You is a 6 week online programme designed to inspire and empower women to know themselves at the deepest level possible so that they can create experiences, careers, relationships and anything else they want, from the truest language of who they are. We need more of the true beauty that comes when women are living and sharing their natural gifts, at their own rhythm and in the ways that most make them come alive.


This is your invitation to join me for a 6 week online adventure into discovering more about what makes you, you.

The Language of You is a 5 module programme focusing on the elements of Purpose, Creativity, Body, Giving & Receiving and Home & Sanctuary. Each of these modules is designed to guide you deeper into understanding and learning more about your true nature and to release beliefs and attachments to who you are not by focussing on who you are. Read more about each module HERE.

If you’ve been feeling:

  • Scattered or misunderstood – even distracted and ‘pulled around’ by the times we are currently living in and you’ve lost touch with your own truth and what you are ‘meant’ to be doing
  • A sense there’s a greater power/depth within you, yet you still feel some self-doubt and are unsure of how to actually BE that in the world
  • Low in confidence or even hesitant about being who you are
  • The longing to be appreciated and seen for who you are and the gifts you are here to bring

Then you’ll benefit from this programme.

The Language of You is an online adventure that will help you to:

  • Remember the beauty of who you are
  • Communicate with confidence about what’s important to you and what you stand for
  • Return to the feeling of being completely ‘home’ within yourself
  • Feel excited about what makes you unique
  • Be courageous and confident to be exactly who you were born to be (which may not be what you currently think!)
  • Realise the power of your own desires and intuition


The pilot version of The Language of You will begin on Monday August 10th with an introduction class…and continue on Thursdays from August 13th.

This is an opportunity to participate alongside a pioneering group of women in this pilot version of The Language of You at a one-time heavily reduced rate. There are just 6 places available for this programme, which will be live and intimate.

We’ll meet for live weekly classes on zoom with creative exercises sent to you each week to complete before each class.

This is a small group so there are limited places for those women who feel a ‘yes’ in their bones. If this is you, we’ll arrange a one to one private connection session to meet and see if there’s a good fit.

If you love the sound of The Language of You…or if you have any questions, Get in touch Here.

Follow your impulse!

Reach out…and I’ll look forward to chatting.


The Language of You is designed to take you on a deep, yet joyful journey into the heart and soul of what makes you, you. It’s for an intimate group of women who are ready for an adventure; for deep exploration, connection and to be truly heard and seen.

If you’ve ever tried to emulate the way someone else does something, if you’ve ever compared yourself to other women, or find yourself ‘taking on’ someone else’s vision, then you’ve doubted your own unique language and what YOU are specifically here to be and to bring to life. 

Your nature is vast. You are an ever evolving, changing landscape. You are a beautiful montage of so many things. From your unique genetics, life experiences, seasons and cycles, to the births and deaths of the many aspects of you on your journey.

This is where you will learn to tell the story of who you really are.

We need more women who trust themselves and their callings and who bring the fullness of their being and expression to life.


The world is changing.

And it really is a ripe time for change in our lives too.

To make changes that are in alignment with who you are, you need to learn a deeper expression of yourself – you need to know the Language of You.

Keep creating & connecting,

much love,