What feeds your feminine?  

Pleasure can be so subtle and found in the most ordinary.

One bright morning last week, I chose to go to the local beach; vast, endless, empty, open sky, curt November, my breath was almost visible.

Alone with the ocean and the teeny birds with toothpicks for legs that prance and dance, running in and out with the water’s edge…







“The tide is low.  I see lots of shells, pebbles, pieces of things, glass…sea-glass.  There is something I find eternally appealing and majestically beautiful in a sea-worn piece of glass.  Today, they are glowing, wet and shiny in the sun.

I collect pieces as I walk, they catch my eye but I remember to look up and out, to see where I am.

I run, I’m in my jogging gear, except now my pockets are full of glass so I have to hold them to stop the weight pulling me down.  The sandbanks are uneven, I feel like I’m running lopsided and keep trying to find flat pieces to straighten my hips.”

At home, I wash every piece of glass individually and put them into a clear, curvy glass vase.  I fill it with water and place it on the windowsill.  I find myself gazing at the beauty of light, luminosity, colour, fluid glory.  I realise how much joy I feel in looking at the vase.  As I sit at my computer throughout the day, I look up and my heart lifts.  I am aware that I am smiling because of what I see and of how it makes me feel.  

Such an ordinary thing, and yet its simple beauty moves me.

Why do I share this story you may wonder?

Because I felt filled, fed and happy; I experienced such deep pleasure in something so ordinary.  My feminine essence was fed.

Our feminine essence, the feminine aspect of who we are can go undernourished.  And yet it can be so simple to ‘feed the feminine first’ as I shared in my story.

Feeding the feminine first means nourishing that part of you that longs for beauty, for healthy attention, for sensual connection…the part of you that says, “I am a woman, and I need to feel the pleasure of life, I want to taste it, I want to be so deeply in it.”

This is when you forget about the dishes, the ‘work’, your partners or spouses, children, organising things, etc.  They will all be fine and still there after you have fed your feminine first. And they will appreciate that you did so (after!), because you will radiate with the energy of having given yourself this (regular) gift.

Our feminine aspect longs to receive attention because healthy attention is the food of the feminine…it supports us to grow and to shine.

Healthy attention given to your feminine essence needn’t always come from someone else (ie. a man), it’s nice when it does happen.  However, nourishing attention comes from you choosing to do things that re-connect you to your body, to the earth, to your sensuality, to your pleasure and your joy.

They are the things that bring you back to earth, grounding you, releasing you from all of the fears and worries that spin around your head.  They are tactile things like dancing, painting, creating, walking in nature, cooking and tasting food, human touch or collecting sea-glass from the beach and feeling joy in watching it glow in the sun.  And, they are also being witnessed, received, being seen and heard.

That’s why I created ‘Sensual Sundays’.  Because I think it’s important…no, vital, that women gather together and give themselves and each other the nourishment that is the food of the feminine.

The first Sensual Sunday I am offering is on Sunday the 24th of November in the Findhorn area.  The early bird discount ends this Sunday the 17th of November so now is the time to book your time to receive the food for your feminine.

To find out more about what you’ll get from joining this workshop and further details of what’s involved, click on the image below:

Sensual Sundays

Come and learn The Art of Feminine Presence™ in Aberdeen for the first time!  Book early and claim your space at ‘Powerful AND Feminine ~ Accessing the Most Attractive Force Within You’.  All of the details are at  What’s On?

Alternatively e-mail jane@janecormack.com with any questions you may have.  Limited places are available due to space and the nature of this work.

Questions?  Comments? ~ Leave them right here on the blog.
Keep your feminine well fed and you’ll light up every room…

with Love


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