Let Life In!

Let Life In!


Great News!

I’m hosting a Feminine Art of Receiving workshop on Sunday 19th of October in Findhorn.  This will be my last workshop for 2014 in the UK before I return to Holland/Germany at the end of October; so if you’ve been thinking about coming to previous events and didn’t make it, now’s the time.  And there’s an early booking discount until the 17th of October so be sure to take advantage of that.

The Breath of Life

We breathe in, we breathe out.  From the moment we inhale our first breath on leaving the womb and entering this world, until the last outward breath leaves our body when we depart; the natural cycle of breathing never completes.  Its rhythm and motion continues to flow within our bodies, sustaining this life.  We cannot give our breath out, before we have received our breath in.

Giving and receiving is like our cycle of breathing; it’s something we do naturally, often without any conscious thought to what or how we are giving and receiving.  It just happens.  But it just happens to the degree to which we ‘allow’ it to happen given the limited experiences, thoughts and beliefs we hold around what we deserve and how much extra we might have to give.

When we place our attention on our breath; deeper, fuller, slower and focusing on its movement through the body, we change the quality and flow of it and therefore the quality of how we feel and the flow of energy moving through us.

Through our quality of breath, we let life in, literally.

Yet we also want to let in the experiences, relationships, money, opportunities and everything else we desire and dream of too!  So why don’t we?

Carrots and Raw Chocolate Pies

You may have felt frustrated or even a bit pissed off listening to people in the personal/spiritual development community telling you that everything you’ve every wanted and all the abundance you need is available to you in the universe, waiting for you to claim it.  And you’re thinking ‘Where the hell is it then!!?”  Like a big juicy carrot (or raw chocolate pie, you’re choice;) dangling in front of your nose, you’ve been trying to take a great big bite for years, but it moves in front of you with every new step you take and the gap never seems to close.  You’re mouth has watered, you have smelled its succulence, you’re been hungry, you’ve tried ignoring it, grabbing it, running fast then slow and tried all kinds of clever moves and sometimes you’ve even had a nibble.  But the whole carrot, (or raw chocolate pie) is still there and you still haven’t got to eat it.  (Whomever made up the saying ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it’ obviously didn’t see the purpose of cake, or get to eat the one they made).  And so you may question this belief; that we live in an abundant universe where you have access to all that you need and desire.

Or maybe you prefer…

In my Feminine Art of Receiving workshop, we look at the gap between you and said carrot/pie and uncover these hidden blocks to receiving.  Given the title ‘Feminine’, you’ll have picked up on the fact that receiving is related to your flow of feminine energy (for men and women).  So if you suppress, ignore or don’t like the feminine part of you; letting LIFE in (receiving) is way more challenging.

If we look at the art of giving and receiving purely from the standpoint of procreation, then we see how women’s bodies are designed to receive; the sperm seed ‘fertilises’ an egg to gestate which goes on to grow, evolve and then birth a new child.

We can apply this to anything we want to ‘birth’ or give.  So we cannot give, unless there is something to give from, unless the seeds of ideas have been received.  We cannot give birth from emptiness.  The seed must be planted and given time to grow.  Or as I like to say, we cannot give from a dry well.  There is nothing to give and if we do give from the emptiness, we start to corrode ourselves from the inside.  Just as the dry well gets drier and drier and starts to crack.

I would love for you to join us at this workshop in two weeks time if you feel called where I will share simple yet profound practices to help you receive and claim what you do want and give what you came to this planet to give from a place of fullness, not lack.

Read more about the workshop by clicking HERE>>

During my time in Findhorn, I’m also available for private coaching sessions with a 25% discount for all starter sessions:  Feminine Art of Receiving Private Coaching Sessions


Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Findhorn, Scotland