When technological breakdowns happen, as frustrating as it can be in the moment, there’s usually a gift in it somewhere.  For me, last week my computer crashed because it was so full and had no hard drive space available…there was also a virus from corrupt files that needed to be cleared.

So my computer spent two days in the repair shop getting cleaned up.  On receiving it back, I began to search through folders for more files to delete to clear further space.  Just the process of organising and deleting things no longer required, made me feel lighter and more spacious.

As I looked through my personal files, I found a diary excerpt from April 2004.  It was called, ‘The Child Within’.  The title immediately drew me in as only one evening before, I had been thinking of my own inner child and remembering specific moments from my childhood.

Reading my own diary excerpt from 11 years before, was such a emotionally powerful reminder to be fully in the experience of life, with pleasure.  Our own diaries, songs, words, paintings and creations act like portals or anchor points that can pull us back to our own truth.  They are the Language of the World speaking through the mediums we created years before.  A bit like an oracle.

The Language of the World is the way that life, the universe, communicates with us and along with pleasure, is the subject of my forthcoming book.  Yes it has been forthcoming for some time now and the journey of writing and creating a book has been one of the most joyful, yet challenging processes I have experienced, but that’s a story for another blog post.

For now, I want to share this personal diary excerpt with you in the hope that it may inspire you to truly savour each experience of life, to honour the child within you that can see the magic and wonder of our world and that pleasure and joy can be experienced in the most simplest of things.  It’s often only our perception that requires a little shift >

2nd April 2004 (A misty and drizzly day in Aberdeen, interlude with deep recognition in ‘The Vision’).

The Child Within

I am reading ‘The Vision’ by Tom Brown Jr.  I’ve just finished chapter 6.  It’s about savouring every moment and every experience of life.  Using all the senses and taking time to see, feel, touch, smell and sense the beauty in all things.

Memories of Guatemala came to me.  How I love to taste all kinds of food.  To try new places, savour flavours.  I felt an urge to write this as it’s an important lesson.

As I read chapter 6 of ‘The Vision’, I recognised these rapturous feelings (in some things at least).  I thought of the frog I had seen jumping into the river and swimming away in the clear water.  It was the first time I had seen a frog swimming.  I was so happy.  The sheer joy I feel from dancing in the rain, running through sand dunes, hearing and feeling the birds singing in the morning.  My penchant for ‘tasting’ all kinds of food, the often orgasmic experience of it.  Talking to cats, the emotion and joy I feel writing poetry, the beauty of these words.

I see how childlike all of these experiences appear to be to the outside world.  That to be joyful in the simplest pleasures can be perceived to be immature is saddening.  Is this why so many people deny the child that is within them?  There is a fear that others will mock them and disregard them as not ‘mature’ or ‘responsible’ individuals?

People forget that we are all children, regardless of age or profession or life experience.  The fact that we have choice in everything we do seems to be continually re-iterating itself to me lately.

We have choice in how we live our lives and the pathways we take, but also in the way that we ‘see’ the world that we live in .  Do we want to have tears of sadness? Or tears of rapture as the story in ‘The Vision’ tells us?

I remember the feelings of being in awe of the beauty of a sunset, the rainbows created on dewdrops hanging in the heather.  The deep colour of stones I use in my jewellery designs, the beauty of the jewellery I have created.  I feel and touch and stare at my jewellery, at the beauty of it, the sparkle, sea glass, translucency.  These things all capture me in rapture.  The moment I sat on the cliff on the edge of Lago Atitlan and the earth spoke to me.

I awoke this morning to the sound of rain and wind outside, a wonderful and comforting sound and with a sense of connection to the world, to nature, a oneness with birds, animals and nature.

As I come to be more at peace in my own physical body, I realise what I need.  I’m preparing myself for a new and different existence to live in my own reality on my own terms.

To break the rules of conventional wisdom.

Jane Cormack ©2015/2016


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