Call of the wild – I heard it this week. It called me into the forest, away from central paths and down to the banks of the peaty stream. I’d taken a flask of tea and a notebook to outline a class for my MemberCircle group. Sitting in front of screens was not where inspiration was going to come today. It started with a book of the same name (Call of the Wild by Jack London), and then a wilderness guide liking my Instagram post, and a quote from author of Women Who Run with the Wolves (not the one above…that came later). And as I sat on the grassy bank strewn with small fallen branches from windy days, a large bumblebee gently buzzed around me.

As I brought pen to paper to outline a class on the theme of Call of the Wild, a squirrel with a strawberry blonde tipped tail, rustled down a tree; it didn’t see me and I watched as it ran down a large branch to the stream in the dip below. Some moments later, two stunning white horses from the field opposite, made their way to the small, sandy river-beach to drink. We were so close, they clocked me and connected.

What is the Call?

The Call of the Wild doesn’t mean packing up and going off to Alaska for an epic wilderness adventure (although it could!). These everyday encounters brought me home to my own ‘wildish’ nature; you could call it the ‘instinctual self’, or ‘the one who knows’ – the true home that exists in all of us.

This is what The Call of the Wild is. The instinctive call to return home to oneself – to our inner ‘nature’ that is mirrored and omnipresent in all of nature. It calls our souls ‘home’ to our naturalness, so that we can let go of holding tension, rest, reset and revive.

There are many names we can call this internal ‘home’ and many ways we can lose touch with it – not lose it entirely, because it’s not something that can ever be lost, but lose touch. To stay in touch is to touch base with it, like staying in touch with a beloved friend – the true nature of who we are is important. Because when we’re connected to it – we are home within ourselves, and the view of the outside world from this place is clearer; a grounded perspective, we are more present in each moment, and it becomes easier to make soul-led decisions about our lives from this place.

But, we can ignore the call, subtle as it often is, for many reasons – to fulfil certain needs of comfort, security, schedule and stability – all things that have their good place in our lives. Yet, if those things come at the expense of a withering soul – it is a high price to pay.

The Call of the Wild, of the soul, is a call back to your true essence, to The Language of You™ – this is an intuitive calling that asks for time to re-connect and re-align with what is truly meaningful and important to you now – and listen acutely to what arises from this soul-deep place.

This is what we’ll be guiding you to do throughout the journey of The Language of You™ 8-week online programme.

Heeding the Call – What Does it Feel Like?

We need to heed The Call of the Wild or the ‘unconscious caller’ when it comes – while that voice is still quiet and subtle, before the soul dries out from lack of sustenance.

The call can feel like restlessness, irritability, tiredness, exhaustion or depletion, it can feel like being lost and not knowing where to put your attention. Or it can be an underlying subtle feeling of unease, something feeling ‘off’ or mild anxiety.

If any of this sounds familiar, you will benefit from journeying through The Language of You™ spring programme.

If you’re feeling the call…read on below for more.



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Happy Easter Friends!

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