Life is full of contrasts, wouldn’t you agree? Without contrast, we would not fully ‘know’ an experience. Without darkness and shadow, how could we see light? Would we fully appreciate our good health if we were not also aware of disease?

Everything in life has a contrasting ‘element’ which we can experience in extreme ways, for example, Harry Potter author, JK. Rowling, went from deep poverty to billionaire status, experiencing two opposite ends of the spectrum of wealth. We also experience contrast in much more subtle ways, for example, you might have a full bank account at the beginning of the month and an empty one at the end of the month. You might experience financial abundance and lack thereof in this shorter rhythm of contrast.


Accepting and experiencing our ‘wholeness’ involves all of our contrasting parts, the subtle and extreme. This also includes our masculine and feminine elements. We move through our days, our weeks, months and years and through the different phases of our lives, allowing different parts of our characters to emerge and lead us.

What’s interesting to witness is that in the pursuit of ‘spiritual awakening,’ and by placing emphasis on ‘being feminine’ and living a harmonious life, many women have cut themselves off from their desires and their ambitions. And by placing emphasis on their ambitions and desires, many women have cut themselves off from their softness, sensuality and feminine energy which makes life more pleasurable and fulfilling.

It would seem like a contradictory message, but no, it is about honouring both and all parts of our being. Our masculine and feminine elements support each other if we learn to recognise our natural rhythms and cycles, what is needed and wanted at any given time. Our work systems, governments, schools, organisations and institutions could all certainly benefit from an infusion of more feminine qualities.

You might procrastinate or avoid challenge trying to keep things ‘harmonious’ and ‘nice’ when going headfirst into the challenge will get you to the place you want to be, which is essentially the feeling you want to feel. Or you may be so driven or ‘busy’ that you don’t listen to the part of you that longs for pleasure, for a softer experience and slower pace.

All of these elements are what we explore in Art of Feminine Presence™. The power and the softness, the directiveness and the yielding.

If you’d like to experience this transformational work, then come along to my introduction evening on Friday 24th of March at the beautiful Space 108 in Peebles. You can find out more and register for this event here > AFP Space 108


Online and Offline Coaching Journey’s > If you can’t make it in person to this event or live too far away then know that I also offer Art of Feminine Presence™  VIP Coaching which can be taken online. There are new online 10 week course options and 3-5 month in-person live journey’s available. These journey’s offer specific teachings and guidance in Feminine Embodiment coaching. Find out more and get in touch to have an initial chat here – AFP 

This introduction workshop is a fantastic opportunity to experience the internal contrast of where you currently are in relationship to your feminine and masculine elements.

Enjoy a Friday evening within a circle of women, with herbal teas, music, powerful practices, all in gorgeous Space 108.

And, as always, stay tuned for creative offerings online and offline so that you can work with me in different ways no matter where you live.

Here’s to your abundance, your strength, focus and drive…and to your pleasure, compassion, creative joy and love – embrace your wholeness. 

With love and warmth,


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