Wild Nettle & Mint Pesto

Wild Nettle & Mint Pesto


After almost two months in Holland and Berlin, Germany, here I am back in Scotland for an extended family visit (family from USA were here!) and enjoying the transition from summer to autumn and the natural abundance that nature provides this time of year (apples, brambles, yum!).  I’ll be returning to Holland and then Berlin (The New York of Europe!) once again by the end of October and will keep you posted on the new and exciting unfoldments that come.


The Alchemists Touch

In our most natural state, we constantly flow with creative energy and can be alive with creative abundance every day.  This creation energy can ooze from every pore of our skin and manifest in everything we touch.  You might have heard of the saying, ‘everything he/she touches turns to gold’.  Like an alchemist, this means that we can access the flow of universal power to transform and infuse with light and new energy all that comes into our lives.  We transmute something that may appear of little value, into something of great value.

Allowing creative energy to flow through you and influence all that you touch with this positive energy is alchemism.

Wild stinging nettles that cover much of our shady groves in the UK may seem like a pesky weed to many people, yet alchemists can gather bunches of them and reap their ‘gold’. They contain a multitude of health benefits, especially for women.  Nettles are one of the most powerful sources of iron available in nature and contain a small amount of protein which means they help to top up iron levels in women during menstruation.  They are also wonderful in supporting clear skin and shiny, thicker hair.

A new friend inspired me to make wild nettle and mint pesto and it was so good that I thought I’d share this super simple wild harvested recipe with you.  (Don’t worry, the sting in nettles are deactivated when you blend or cook them).

Nature contains the powerful life-force of creation energy, so when we go to harvest plants and berries, fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbs from nature and create delicious wild harvested food for ourselves to enjoy; we are ingesting this life-force energy as well as pouring our creative energy into the artistry and alchemy of food.

As creative beings, the energy available for us to create is infinite and ever moving.  And, as I’ve talked about before in previous posts, we can use this creation energy in multiple ways.  In joyful spontaneous ways such as creating food from what we find in our environment.

This is so nourishing for our body and soul.  It is the constant and healthy flow of feminine energy that needs to be expressed through the most joyful and inspired ‘way’ in each day.  And as we ‘create’ food each day, this is a wonderful ‘tool’ through which we can channel our creation energy.

As with all my creative cooking, I never measure a thing.  I taste as I go and add more of something if I feel I need it.  So I invite you to try it this way.

Wild Nettle & Mint Pesto

  • Wear garden or rubber gloves to collect the tops of stinging nettles; these are the youngest and juiciest leaves.  Brush off the spiders before cleaning them whilst wearing rubber gloves!  I filled a whole little basket to make a small bowl as show in the pic above.
  • Collect wild mint from nature, or mint from your garden; you could also buy a new mint plant or if you don’t have access to any of this, you can get fresh mint from the supermarket.
  • Wild garlic ~ you can collect wild garlic from nature as well when in season in shady woodland areas (google to see what it looks like) or use simple garlic cloves.  (I used one big clove).
  • Olive oil ~ use a high quality olive oil (you can experiment with other nut and seed oils too).
  • Lemon ~ squeeze of fresh lemon, if you like it super lemony, squeeze the whole thing!
  • Pink Himalayan salt ~ a couple of grinds
  • Black pepper ~ a couple of grinds
  • Optional extra ~ handful of pine nuts or walnuts for nutty flavour

Whizz it all in a blender and voila!  Raw pesto for your salads, veggies or to use as a dip.

Enjoy and let us know how you adapt this recipe!
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Enjoy your wild edible foraging and share the alchemy you create in the kitchen on the blog in the comments below ~ We all love to be inspired with healthy new recipes.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Aberdeen, Scotland


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