The Language of You > online programme

An Unforgettable Journey

I have wholeheartedly loved the experience of these 8 weeks. The journey we have all shared will be unforgettable for me.

I will carry these gifts through my life as I continue to grow into my full potential.

Emma Wilson

Youth Worker

The Language of You online programme >

“These practices brought me closer to other parts of myself. Parts I didn’t know I could connect with before.”

The Language of You is a space for exploration and connecting with our inner truths. In this course, Jane beautifully holds space and guides us on a journey through space and time. On this journey, we rediscover who we are, where we came from, what makes us strong, and also, what makes us not so strong.

Strengthening our connection with our womanhood by bringing awareness to our cycles and reminding us of what we already know to be true. I not only recommend, but encourage every woman to experience this course and to give herself a chance to fall in love with herself.

Connecting with my womb and creative lineage, both helped me to feel empowered and connected to something bigger than my mind can make up, which is usually negative and makes me feel bad. These practices brought me closer to other parts of myself. Parts I didn’t know I could connect with before.

Liron Alon (Canada/Israel)

Access Bars Practitioner, Energy Healer,, @journeytotherealyou

The Language of You > online programme

I felt so supported and valued.

Jane, in your presence, I feel deeply seen and empowered. You embody serious power and strength.  Confident, highly aware, courageous and truth seeking. You are fire and earth… mystical and mysterious.  A force to be reckoned with.

I also see your beautiful softness, femininity and a deeply sincere loving heart… I feel your wildness and edginess too! A fiery magical aura!

You are a poet and a seer.  A mystical divine goddess of wisdom and power. I feel like you are a shaman… an old wise soul who has healed and guided people towards their truth in other lives.

Thank you for creating this course and being our guide…

I felt so supported and valued by you, thank you deeply.


Simone Smith

Film Maker

The Language of You online programme > 

“I could come to a place of letting go and open to let other parts of myself shine.”

The ‘language of you’ helped me to gently discover more of myself. Aspects of myself I was aware of but had not allowed to fully take form and be named came to the surface of my awareness. Before the course started, I was in a process of grieving. Through the Language of You I could come to a place of letting go and open to let other parts of myself shine. I experienced the Language of You as a very supportive, light and inspiring way to explore the depth of me.

Through the Language of You, I connected to the Flow and my creativity. This shows me that in this aspect of my life, scheduled times and structure can help the unfolding of moments filled with flow and inspiration.

Daniela Zapf (Scotland/Germany)


The Language of You > online programme

I Found Hidden Gold

Jane brings together incredible women and creates empowering spaces that invite a sense of connectedness and allow me to tap into to my inner well and wisdom.

I took away new insights and found hidden gold in long learned lessons.

Most importantly I experienced the healing power of fully being ourselves.

The Language of You catalysed the unfolding of my authentic self and its potentials.



The Language of You online programme >

“Jane’s tools and exercises were richer than I anticipated”

Being in an online space being guided by Jane in discovering the language of me was important to do at this pivotal point in my life. Sharing this space with other women was safe and supportive.

There are ways to look within and using her tools and exercises was richer than I anticipated – taking the time to truly think about my language and purpose wasn’t something I had done extensively and this pivotal moment gave me permission to do so.

Everything is a language, how I am and how I live my life is my language that I speak to the world. Life can be busy and messy and it’s easy to forget how simple yet profound it is to be conscious of my language that I put out in the world and what it communicates. Jane’s program was a beautiful way to feel held, seen and heard while being guided to rediscover the language of me. 

Genevieve Cavannagh (Canada)

Energy Healer

I felt safe, supported, inspired and deeply seen.

The Language of You – 6 week online programme

Jane’s feedback and sharing of what she saw (in me) always touched me profoundly. Jane’s holding is very open and joyous, very much aligned and attuned with the group and the journeys needs. Her sensitivity and skilled facilitation made her holding seam effortless. However, having held space myself I know how much work goes on behind the scenes. Nothing seemed to throw her.

I enjoyed her gentleness, playfulness, humour, sensitivity, and her attuned, open and inspiring way of holding space. Other qualities of Jane’s holding I experienced were inclusiveness, depth and her compassion and care for all of us.

I am deeply grateful for Jane’s guidance through the terrain. Her gentle taking me by my hand and being by my side while I explored deeper places within myself, and, her support showed me that this process can be light and joyous. I feel reassured and happy to continue on my path.

Daniela Zapf – Gardener


“Leading by example ” is the most effective way of making an impact and changing the world.

The Language of You – 6 week online programme

It was a lovely balance of playful, powerful, flowing, deep, and vulnerable. I felt the authenticity in each class, and I felt that what was spoken was coming from a space of truth and connectedness, which helped me connect with that energy as well. I think that’s what made this program so powerful, it was being brought into a space where openness and vulnerability were not just requested of the participants, it was present with the facilitator. “Leading by example ” is the most effective way of making an impact and changing the world.

Liron Alon – Access Bars Practitioner, Energy Healer



I felt seen, heard and supported in a truly authentic and embodied way.

The Language of You – 6 week online programme

Jane’s holding and open nature is infectious and encouraged me to be completely myself, accepted and honoured for just that. Participating with other women was a joy and honour, to see and be seen, witnessed with compassion and the eyes of the feminine. To feel a sense of community and a shared journey, a sense of belonging.

I felt more connected to myself and accepted for however I showed up, this allowed me to feel more self-compassion and movement of my emotions and mental thought forms. All of this is valuable to my sense of self and what I am vibrating into the world.

Kristy Lee-Harris


I felt safe, heard and supported.

The Language of You – 6 week online programme

Jane held the classes as open and flowing, weaving in the practical while still tapping into our energy, even at the beginning as she gets to know each of us.

I appreciated Jane’s humanness and playfulness, as well as her ability to hold space and provide perspectives to consider. Her embodiment and passion for her work continues to inspire. 

Genevieve Cavannagh

Energy Healer

Personal Mentoring > 12 month client

I’ve had plenty of councillors, coaches and therapists over the years and Jane has definitely stood out.

I went to a workshop with Jane and bought her book, which I was really impressed by. I got the sense it was the result of years of research, trainings and personal practice.

I do think finding a mentor is very subjective but I’ve had plenty of councillors, coaches and therapists over the years and Jane has definitely stood out.

I think Jane engages fully in our sessions and is able to ‘read’ me and hear me in her fullest capacity.

I feel a genuine sense of warmth and care when I discuss any problems with Jane and am aware that she’s always utilising her creativity when she makes suggestions.

She’s professional, reliable and genuinely caring. She’s also able to tailor sessions to my needs.

12 Month Mentoring Client


Language of the Feminine – Retreat Participant >

Thank you seems inadequate really but in the absence of any more appropriate words, ‘thank you!’ for bringing your energy, presence, insights and medicine and for sharing these with us.

I feel that all our souls have been well and truly nourished by your presence and I am very grateful for the tools that you have given to me to help me re-connect and listen to my deep feminine.

Sally Simmers

Body Therapist, Loch Lomond, Scotland

Language of the Feminine Retreat Participant >

I just want to thank you for all the experiences of the workshop yesterday.

Afterwards, I realised I felt more ‘together’ and like a deep healing had occurred…transformative! – I look forward to seeing how this integrates!

Caireen Todd

Loch Lomond, Scotland

Language of the Feminine Retreat Participant >

There is such an amazing power in moving with the womb and our deep feminine knowledge.

I danced and painted for the first time since school – I was terrified.

The exercise in touch was so deep and emotional, but beautiful.

I received even more than I expected, it was a wonderful day.

Alison Strandberg

Loch Lomond, Scotland

Menstrual Cycle Awareness Client >

I would recommend Jane for her work with female cycles because simply by her healing presence, she helps you to get into your cycles with awareness and self-care. Jane has been a great resource for my self-awareness about my period.

She is also great at communicating and validating my feelings. I highly recommend her.

Isabella Guerrini De Claire

(Scotland/Italy), Greengrow

Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop Participant >

I really enjoyed participating in Jane’s menstrual cycle awareness class!

I got new insights, even after having my period for the last 27 years. For example, {why it’s important to} not only watch PMS and the bleed time, but also pay attention to the post bleed time and understand better why I’m so low on energy afterwards {which has allowed me to} be more gentle with myself and my body…or, so to speak, not only pay attention to what’s going on in my body during the peak of pain, but also seeing the broader picture, seeing all the phases of the cycle throughout the month.

It was also very interesting for me to see which “pictures” or “thoughts” I’m conditioned to thinking when it comes to menstruation. But not only my conditioning, also hearing from others and realising, that the “picture” about menstruation is not really a friendly or positive one.

I really enjoyed that men and women took part in this offering, to hear men’s thoughts about menstruation was very interesting.

I really appreciate Jane’s “mission” to bring more awareness about the menstrual cycle to the world because I see, that this can bring more ease to women’s lives. Not only by understanding our bodies better but also by being better understood by others. I love the idea of bringing more awareness into the “working world” so that it is okay to stay at home during this time and retreat rather than suffering through… 

Gabrielle H

Chef, (Austria)

Workshop, Class & Course students (in-person)

Jane creates an amazingly safe space in her workshops in which I can truly show myself and dive deep to reconnect with my feminine energy.

Jane’s heartfelt guidance is very special and precious for me and gives me the feeling of true support and sisterhood.  My stress levels always drop down to zero right at the very beginning.  She also teaches simple practices which help me to create this magnetic presence to have those people coming into my life who I really want to spend time with.  Thank you from my heart Jane. 

Tanja-Janina Profrock


The Feminine Sensuality Class was really good and still radiates its magic and I want more 😀 
I am deeply impressed by your ability to create that safe space with us and how I could open up, feel complete and connected in such a short time. The evening was full of presents for me: feeling seen and recognised with my essence, daring to show myself, getting a feeling of being a goddess, trusting… thank you to everyone for such a wonderful evening.



Coming to Jane’s workshops have helped me to develop self confidence, self worth and connection with others.  I feel I am transforming and I feel empowered and now know how to switch on my sensuality and feminine power!  Thank you so much!  

Stephanie Salomons

(Edinburgh, Scotland)

Thank you for creating the space, preparing and facilitating the wonderful practices. I really enjoyed the warm and intimate atmosphere and was quite impressed by the openness and open vulnerability that all women were present with, DESPITE ONLY HAVING MET THAT EVENING.

THIS, of course speaks for your space and trust-creating abilities! 🙂 What you are doing is so relevant and what so many women are longing for.

Jesslyn Becker

Wow! What a shift in understanding already.  I have been able to share so much more with my partner and we are now ‘opening up’ more in all ways. I give gratitude for all you shared on Sunday.

Dawn Alexander


This was my first women’s workshop for many years and how lovely it is to be reminded of the support and love of a small group of open hearted individuals. I have always felt at home in mixed gender events but heartily recommend the safety and security of Jane’s lovingly created sacred spaces.

I remembered to practice one of the exercises when I was in a queue in the post office and possibly going to be late for work. Doing the exercise completely changed my experience of waiting in line from grumpiness and tutting to smiles all round in the queue and laughter!

Fuggo King

(Tain, Scotland)

Jane knows how to create a safe and open environment to let creativity flow freely.

It feels really good to spend time with other women, share my vision and get inspired by the visions of others. In everyday life, I am not always conscious of my vision, so for me this was a moment to stand still, get in touch with my vision and create an image of it. I still look at it daily and I believe it helps me to manifest my longings!  
It was a lot of fun spending the afternoon with a group of beautiful women!  Jane knows how to create a safe and open environment to let creativity flow freely.

Marielle Bouwmeester

(The Netherlands)

I still wanted to write to you and tell you – again – how much I enjoyed your workshop.  When I received the invitation I felt hesitant at first since I don’t see myself as a very creative person and at the same time I knew that was my mind talking to me.  I really wanted to experience this and let it come from the heart.  I’m so glad I did.  I felt welcome immediately; you’re a very open, warm and loving person. 

And also, all the other women who were new to me were very warm and loving ladies. I was happy to experience I can be creative in many ways and that it’s all about opening your heart and let the spirit out. 

I’m really happy and proud of my piece of art and it’s still an inspiration to me to ‘hold my vision’.  

All in all it was an amazing experience.  Thank you so much! 

Marjon Oostveen

(the Netherlands)