So are you a Starter sort or a Completer?


I know my favourite part is starting; it’s the rush of a new inspired creative idea that can be addictive because it’s just so darn exciting.  I can get a million ideas a week, but how do I know which ones are the ‘right’ ones to follow through on?

Then, there are some people who are ‘completers’, they like the finishing, polishing, editing stage.  They like wrapping things up to look beautiful to present to the world.

When you are a creative person and particularly a business owner/entrepreneur, then we learn to be the starters and the completers in much of what we do.  And there’s a great sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and pride that comes with completing a special project if only we allow ourselves to get there.

However, if you have a strong starter personality like I do, then there’s a point in the completion process where it’s MUCH more productive and beneficial to our sanity to just get support.  Taking the book writing example; we edit, rewrite sections, do the bibliography and bring it to a place of completion as much as we can ourselves…and then, we get support to design the book cover, format the text and do all of the fiddly, technical bits that can suck up hours of time.

This week’s video is more aligned to the starter personality…
In the first video shot from snowy, cold Scotland this year (You can tell by the jumper I’m wearing in the video!).  I talk about:

  • How to choose the ‘right’ inspired ideas to follow through on
  • Why we’ll always have works in progress
  • How you are already a ‘completer’ whether you think so or not
  • Why business will never be complete and why that’s a great thing
  • Taking steps in progress and not giving up!

A few completion tips:

  • Block out time with no distractions to get a project you really want completed
  • Get help and support with any technical or detail orientated work ~ Outsourcing is great!
  • Outline the 3 priority things that you need to do each day to move your project to completion
  • Do them!
  • Check your e-mails only once per day ~ this is a major sucker of time!
  • At the end of each week, review the progress you have made and give yourself a nurturing treat for taking these steps towards completion

What are you in the progress of completing right now?
Share your experiences of starting and completing projects, where you get stuck or how you overcome the starter or completer phase ~ leave a comment below ~ your words could help someone somewhere complete something!! Hurrah!


Keep Creating & Connecting…

…with Much Love from Scotland!


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