How are you all faring during these times of great change, disintegration, and metamorphosis?

I hope that you’re finding your way creatively into new ways of being among it all. And perhaps creating space for your true desires and creativity to rise up.

I’ve been working on creative projects to unfold this year, having my hands in the earth through garden work, spending as much time in nature as possible and staying connected with friends, family and clients (as well as trying all kinds of new online experiences!). I’ve had my challenges too but am healthy, well and feel very supported by life.

And, I’m in a position to offer support to the women in my community who need and want it >


I’m offering 45 minute Tune-In-Check-In calls for women during May and June, who feel they need a sound listening sister. In these sessions, we’ll breathe, get present, tune-in, check-in and recalibrate. We move from head to body, heart and womb so you’ll leave feeling centred, grounded and clear to make your own next best choices from your own internal guidance system. If you feel you need to reconnect with your inner ground, your truth, clarity or to move through any lingering fears that may be holding you back from putting your energy and focus where you really want it to go and want to trust and feel your feminine centre, book a Tune-In-Check-In call with me in May or June.

These sessions are £50 for those who are continuing to work or have access to savings or support and are conducted over Skype online – and for those who are experiencing hardship or financial difficulties, sessions will be £40 for May and June only.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more or to book a session – or share this newsletter with a friend who may appreciate a sound listening sister.


For longer-term mentoring, my Holistic Mentoring for Women package is still available through 2020 which begins with 3 month journeys. We have an initial 30 min connection call to meet and talk through options. Check my Mentoring page for more information on Holistic Mentoring for Women and how it can support you.



“God has made love with you and the whole universe is germinating inside your belly”
– from The Gift, by Hafiz the great sufi master.


I recently came across a poem by Hafiz, the great Sufi Master called, ‘Stop calling me a pregnant woman’ (see the full poem below). When I read the above quote from the poem, I immediately saw the image of my painting, originally titled, Why Can’t You See?

There’s a whole universe inside of you, but often others can’t see it, because you have yet to reveal the richness of your inner world. This painting is a reminder of the powerful realms that exist in you, already, now. And that maybe, it’s time to reveal more of you, your essence, your truth, your creativity.

This is a powerful image. I’ve shared it several times before and have received amazing comments over the years from people around the world about this painting which I created while living in Australia. It ignites something powerful within them.

I’ve been asked how to have a copy of the painting, (aside from purchasing the original work which is available here), and now I have a special, limited edition offer available!

This painting feels so relevant for these interesting times, as a reminder of your own truth, the richness of your inner world and the courage to be and show up in the truest expression of who you are. It also makes a beautiful and powerful gift to send to those you care about.


Why Can’t You See? began as a poem, which developed into a song and then a very clear image for a painting. The concept has been expressed in three different ways. The image is visually strong, depicting the beautiful, powerful and magical internal world that is contained within us all and yet which can go unseen by others. The question ‘Why Can’t You See?’ arises when we are seen by others through their limited perspectives. However, we must also reveal our true selves to be seen.

This painting was created while I lived in Australia and holds some of the energy of the land and environment.

Frequency: Visibility, soul, majesty, inner life, alignment, shine, true essence, whole self, divinity and humanity, inner beauty, courage.

Message: Allow the majesty of your inner life to shine through your creativity, align your inner life with the outer. Reveal the richness of your inner world, your divinity, your humanity, your whole self.

Media: High Quality Digital Print on Eco Fine Art Hemp Paper 290gsm. 0.50mm thickness, 4.5 whiteness. Quality is important to me, yet so is creating using eco and sustainable materials. With this print, I sacrifice neither as Eco Fine Art Hemp paper is both high quality and eco-friendly.

Certificate of Authenticity: Each A4 print will be flat wrapped and sent to you with an A5 Artsure certificate of authenticity assuring the high quality of each print. The certificate includes:

  • Artwork title
  • Artist name
  • Original medium
  • Copyright date
  • Edition details

Cost: £30 + Post & packing

Click Here to get more details and order an Eco Art Print.


The Gift, Poems by Hafiz The Great Sufi Master, translated by Daniel Ladinsky.














What new things are you ‘pregnant’ with right now?

Keep creating & connecting,

much love,

Jane Cormack - The Art of Feminine Presence








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