Explore your Sacred Portal!

I designed the Entering the Sacred Portal online retreat as a sanctuary space for women to bring awareness to the feminine centres of their bodies, the yoni and womb, because they are much more than reproductive organs.

There’s a power that exists within us that needs to be acknowledged, explored and cared for. And that’s what the focus of this retreat is about. This is where sensual and creative healing happens.

There are so many women who are experiencing reproductive health issues like debilitating periods, PMS, or other menstrual issues, infertility, hormonal imbalance or who are struggling with menopause or not enjoying sexual experiences. And many women are living entirely or mostly from their ‘headspace’, disconnected from the language of their bodies and the creative pleasure and flow that connection brings.

This retreat helps women to explore the energetics of their feminine centres and tune-in on a deeper level to listen and develop a relationship with their feminine soul and body.

I liken it to learning a language by tuning in to listen to how our bodies communicate with us, and what her language is. This is unique to each woman. Our precious bodies hold so much information that we can access when we can find a path that takes us to the roots.

It’s often only within the realms of sex, menstruation or pregnancy that women think about or feel their womb and yoni. But there’s much more to explore here in connection with our feminine power, our divine feminine nature and our cycles as a whole that affect our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

The yoni is an inner channel that is a direct root to our relationship with the world, our connection with the Earth, our sexuality and creative visioning.


Who is the Retreat For?

This retreat is for SO many women because we all need to be giving ourselves this kind of sacred space and attention on a regular basis.

It’s also for you…

• If you want to joyfully explore and learn to feel your feminine energy and soul
• If you want to reconnect with your body and your intuitive nature
• If you want to feel a sense of peace within
• If you want to heal or feel more deeply your natural sensuality and sexual energy
• If you want to know how to feel more rooted within yourself, grounded and connected to Earth
• If you want to learn to trust the way your intuition speaks and guides you
• If you want to explore your feminine energy through art and creativity (the Language of the Feminine)
• If you want to know yourself in a deeper way
• If you want to come into relationship with your own tenderness
• If you want to listen to the ‘voice’ of your womb (yes, she has a voice)

You might be spending way too much time in the land of ‘busy’ while ‘forgetting’ that you are a woman with creative and sensual desires with an ‘in-built’ intuitive guidance system that’s always there to support and guide you in life.

Or perhaps you’re in a cycle of giving to others without giving to your own needs?

To clarify further what this retreat IS and ISN’T, I created a What it CAN and CANNOT do for you extensive list which you can read here > What Will I Get from Doing This Retreat? Which will lead you to the FAQS page as well.

It’s not a ‘home study’ programme but rather a retreat and sanctuary space to return ‘home’ to your centre.

I invite you to share the retreat or even buy it as a gift for a woman in your life who needs to give herself some sacred space for feminine soul nourishment (that’s most women btw).

Conversations with Creative Spirits

Did you see my Conversations with Creative Spirits talk with Laura Hollick? I loved this talk in which I share about my creative journey and the connection of that with feminine rhythms and cycles and the Language of the Feminine.

Click here to watch >

For your Womanly Nourishment…

Keep Creating & Connecting,

with love,


Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2018

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