Ahh, the simple pleasures of sun warming skin and wind whisking hair wildly whilst standing on a clifftop overlooking the vast ocean.

I felt a growing sense of liberation, that I wanted to fly on the waves of the wind and skim the surface of sea, chase birds towards the sun and open my heart to freedom.

How many of us long for freedom?  For more pleasure? To feel open-hearted, loving and loved?

I do.

And I know many of you do.

Liberation and pleasure await us when we look under the surface to reveal our true feelings which are often hidden beneath layers of conditioning, should be’s and should have’s.

You needn’t wait to travel the world to feel liberated.  Because the pleasure liberation brings is waiting to be uncovered within you.

I filmed a short free training video whilst living in Holland last year ~ ‘Sacred Sexuality & Self Expression ~ How Creative Self Expression Reveals Your True Feelings’ along with a PDF exercise to guide you into a place of liberation and joy in your state of well-being.

There’s something in the essence of this video that I felt called to share right now to all new subscribers who sign up to ‘Follow the Rhythm’ (just fill your name and e-mail address in the box on the right).

In this video Jane share’s how to use art and colour as a way to uncover your unconscious thoughts and feelings and to access ‘hidden’ layers and messages within.  She touches on the relationship between Sacred Sexuality and Creative Self Expression and shares insights and tips on how to reveal your relationship with your sexuality through art.  

Do this exercise to help liberate yourself internally, but, I mean, actually do it, don’t just read it, practice the practice. As I mention in the video, it’s when we choose to just begin that things start to shift.

My upcoming workshop next week on Sunday 30th is almost fully booked, but there’s still one, possibly two spots available.  If you feel that spot belongs to you, then get in touch today.

Aberdeen Workshop

On Sunday 30th March I’ll be hosting ‘Powerful AND Feminine ~ Focusing on Your Feminine First’ a workshop from 11.30am ~ 3.45pm at The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen.

The full details are here

There are still places for the 5 Week Immersion Series which brings the workshop experience to a whole new level.  5 full, glorious weeks of continued connection and immersion in our feminine essence.

When women gather together in groups to support, share and encourage each other…magic happens.

New spring class dates for the next The Art of Feminine Presence™ 5 Week Immersion Series begin on Wednesday evenings, April 2nd, from 7pm-9.30pm in my beautiful new space at Orchard Place, Aberdeen.

I’m so excited to host this new class series from this new sanctuary space!

This course is for you if you want:

  • To feel more confident in your body and enjoy your womanly sensuality (you all have it!)
  • To experience more pleasure in the moments of your daily life
  • To learn to have stronger and clearer boundaries with others whilst staying open and compassionate towards them
  • To feel more radiant and turn on your personal magnetism so that you can attract the relationships and opportunities that you long for 
  • To deepen your current intimate relationship if you have one and feel more confident expressing what you want
  • And much more…click the link below to continue reading

To book your place and find out more about what you’ll receive during this series, go HERE.


To your pleasure and liberation…

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love

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