I wish you the presence of love this Christmas


In whatever form it may be there. For yourself and those around you.
December can often turn into a fairly chaotic month for many people, combine that with the changes and events of our world, then it’s possible December 2016 marks the end of a somewhat bizarre year.So I offer you a simple meditation to bring back the presence of love to the centre of your being this Christmas so that you can bring this presence to the people around you too >




1> Ahhhhhhh – Begin with your breath. Always begin with breath and simple breathing with awareness. Follow the flow of your breath through your body, focus on this and nothing else.

2 > Imagine an orange rose, just below your belly button and visualise this rose as an entry point for your breath. So as you breathe in, see the rose open and as you breathe out, see the rose take the air in and close, continue to breathe in and out through the sacral rose imagining it opening and closing and breathing through your sacral chakra. Spend 2-5 minutes breathing in this way.

3 > Bring your attention to your heart. And, visualise a pink rose in your heart space. Breathe in and out through this rose, imagining it opening and closing with your in and out breath. Spend 2-5 minutes, or more if you like, feeling your heart as an entry point for your breath.

4 > Notice how you feel afterward and complete by bringing your attention back to your natural flow of breath.

And then return to your connections with family, friends, pets and life and notice how you may feel different interacting with them after practising this short meditation.

With love and warmth for this Christmas-time,








Robin image by Ref 8031. Val Corbett.