Having tools for challenging situations is pretty necessary in our current world.  Both in the global sense and in our personal lives.  I talked about this a few weeks ago in my Anchors for Autumn blogpost.

So it’s my delight to be presenting “Tools on How to Tap into Your Power and Stick to Your Truth in Challenging Situations” at WeFound for Women Entrepreneurs next Tuesday 24th of November.  If you’re based in Berlin, join us for an ‘Inspiring Evening: Authentic Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Networking where I’ll be sharing practices on how to connect to your Feminine Power to feel grounded, radiant, confident and refreshed.  I’ll be presenting alongside Software company founder Anna-Lena Lewerenz.  Find out more at WeFound.

Also next week under a similar theme, I’ll be hosting a class the day after this event with the theme of Feminine Power & Projection.  In this class we’ll focus on feminine power and projection, deepen into our feminine essence, dance, connect, share, be seen and heard. We explore the myths of feminine power, the personas we try to project around this and learn how to connect to our true source of feminine power in an expression that is unique to us all.

This is an important class as we delve into the truth of what feminine power is and is not, what it looks and feels like for us as individuals and collectively.  I’ll share tools on how to tap into and cultivate this source of feminine energy within.  To find out more or join the class, go to Events.

And finally, can you read Hungarian!?  If so, then check out the article that my friend, Hungarian health & beauty coach, Nora Nagy wrote about me and my creative journey on well-known online magazine for women, Womanity.  (You can also of course use Google translate!).

In joy, warmth and appreciation of your presence,

Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Berlin,


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