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ANCESTRAL GOLD – a Special online Creative mini-course and live workshop during Samhain (Halloween)

Tuesday 25th of October – Monday 31st October 2022 – ONLINE

“The knowledge of my ancestry sleeps within my memory. I journey into the caverns of darkness where I may retrieve the treasure of insights and new understanding” –

Triple Goddess Oracle Cards by Isha Lerner

Your heritage is RICH with information about who you are that can help you to discover possible ‘missing or connective elements’ of your story. Exploring your Ancestral Gold will support you to learn and understand the stories, gifts and unique ‘languages’ that are woven through your ancestral lineage as well as the beliefs you are holding that are not yours to hold. Learn more and join us now to save your place in this special mini-course and workshop for Halloween beginning October 25th! LEARN MORE…

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