Entering the Sacred Portal is an online personal, soulful retreat that you can do in the heart of your own home or a special place in nature.This is the first offering in my new Language of the Feminine online school!

This retreat is an invitation for you to connect and experience the feminine energy that is held within the womb and yoni. This power, and our connection to it, has been lost over time through cultural references, history and media portrayal of what being a woman means.

It’s time that we reclaim and understand who we truly are, and how power and vulnerability act together to manifest creation at the purest level.


This retreat uses visual journey, movement, and art as a vehicle for self-understanding and deep connection to the feminine self as a power source and creative energy.

This is a guided experiential journey into discovering the purest power of the sacred feminine through connection with the body and soul. It’s a journey of awakening the Goddess self, an acceptance of oneself out of higher knowledge and experience, not through logic or intellectual understanding.

To experience this retreat to the fullest, I invite you to take the weekend off and make yourself the number one priority. Be ready for guidance and discovery of your tender, deep feminine and powerful self, your true being, birth-right and blessing as a woman.

It is an intimate, beautiful, creative process that should be taken as an inner retreat. My voice and guidance and your art will support and encourage you along this deep journey.




This retreat will support you to develop a strong and sacred connection with your body, your feminine energy, power and softness, awaken and deepen in to your sensuality while cultivating a more intimate connection with nature, with Earth and with yourself.

Developing this relationship with yourself supports all your relationships to thrive as you empower yourself.


Our sense of the sacred can get lost in our modern world. In this retreat, you’ll learn what sacred means to you and how to integrate it into your relationship with yourself and your life.


Through simple embodiment practices, journal prompts, guided visual journeys, an art workshop and more, Entering the Sacred Portal offers a content rich personal retreat that will help align you back to the centre of your feminine presence and power.

You’ll be more in tune with your feminine rhythms and body which supports your creativity to flourish and enhances your self-confidence and joy.

Through the energy of the yoni and womb, we can root and ground ourselves into the heart of this Earth, receive wisdom and guidance and learn to TRUST our inner voice while feeling our sensuality more deeply and allowing our creativity to flow.

Others say:

This retreat is a way of connecting back with self, life, cycles and flow.  If you struggle to find the time for such a short online retreat, then you are exactly the person who should be doing it!”- FC

 “It’s for women looking for a deeper creative connection to their bodies and their world. Who want to explore intuitive creative expression through sensual connection to their physicality, who are exploring self-love…and it’s for women who want to learn to connect and trust inner guidance and intuition.” – AH.

“It’s such a nurturing retreat!” – AH

Empower Yourself! 

Enter the Sacred Portal to explore the Intuitive Power of your Yoni and Womb through Art!

Client Experiences

Perfect, Passionate & Peaceful Course!

For any women thinking they don’t have the time for a mini retreat for yourself, this is for you! You need it the most, as did I! From spending just a few hours totally immersed in this retreat I learnt so much about myself and where I am right now and was able to easily reconnect to me, my creativity and my body. I love Jane’s voice, passion and guidance throughout the process too! A little piece of paradise on the web! After doing this programme, I realised how much I have been in a rush to do everything recently. How unconnected to my body that has made me and how I have subconsciously been trying to ground myself through food and drink rather than through my feet/body in contact with the earth. Thank you for these reminders, they are big and I needed to hear/feel them!

Faith Canter

Author, Coach & Heart Medicine Woman.

I highly recommend!

This course is great! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in exploring their feminine power through creative expression. Jane expertly guides you into beautiful and sensual connection with yourself, and from that place encourages you to take the wisdom of that inner connection outwards, in the form of artistic exploration. I made many discoveries. I felt a greater sense of connection to myself and the world… a deeper reverence for my female body and its power, and deeper connection to and awe of female energy/Shakti within everything…. It’s relaxing, but I also feel creatively stimulated and inspired! The course is fun, professional, joyful and wonderful for some self-love and nurturing!

Ali Hodgson

Meditation Teacher & Graphic Artist

Entering the Sacred Portal

It can be easy to forget about our sacred connection from the womb to the earth and also that it takes action to reconnect. After doing the Entering the Sacred Portal visual journey (my highlight!), I suddenly felt this connection during my day and it made me happy because it was as if I found something that is my birth-right.

Sabine Ramin

Body Therapist

Sensual & Creative Healing – the Whole Woman

I designed the Entering the Sacred Portal online retreat as a sanctuary space for women to bring awareness to the feminine centres of their bodies, the yoni and womb, because they are much more than reproductive organs.

There’s a power that exists within us that needs to be acknowledged, explored and cared for. And that’s what the focus of this retreat is about. This is where sensual and creative healing happens.

There are so many women who are experiencing reproductive health issues like debilitating periods, PMS, or other menstrual issues, infertility, hormonal imbalance or who are struggling with menopause or not enjoying sexual experiences. And many women are living entirely or mostly from their ‘headspace’, disconnected from the language of their bodies and the creative pleasure and flow that connection brings.

This retreat helps women to explore the energetics of their feminine centres and tune-in on a deeper level to listen and develop a relationship with their feminine soul and body.

I liken it to learning a language by tuning in to listen to how our bodies communicate with us, and what her language is. This is unique to each woman. Our precious bodies hold so much information that we can access when we can find a path that takes us to the roots.

It’s often only within the realms of sex, menstruation or pregnancy that women think about or feel their womb and yoni. But there’s much more to explore here in connection with our feminine power, our divine feminine nature and our cycles as a whole that affect our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

The yoni is an inner channel that is a direct root to our relationship with the world, our connection with the Earth, our sexuality and creative visioning.


Who is the Retreat For?

This retreat is for SO many women because we all need to be giving ourselves this kind of sacred space and attention on a regular basis.

It’s also for you…

• If you want to joyfully explore and learn to feel your feminine energy and soul
• If you want to reconnect with your body and your intuitive nature
• If you want to feel a sense of peace within
• If you want to heal or feel more deeply your natural sensuality and sexual energy
• If you want to know how to feel more rooted within yourself, grounded and connected to Earth
• If you want to learn to trust the way your intuition speaks and guides you
• If you want to explore your feminine energy through art and creativity (the Language of the Feminine)
• If you want to know yourself in a deeper way
• If you want to come into relationship with your own tenderness
• If you want to listen to the ‘voice’ of your womb (yes, she has a voice)

You might be spending way too much time in the land of ‘busy’ while ‘forgetting’ that you are a woman with creative and sensual desires with an ‘in-built’ intuitive guidance system that’s always there to support and guide you in life.

Or perhaps you’re in a cycle of giving to others without giving to your own needs?

It’s not a ‘home study’ programme but rather a retreat and sanctuary space to return ‘home’ to your centre.


Give yourself some sacred space for feminine soul nourishment.

To clarify further what this retreat IS and ISN’T, I created a What it CAN and CANNOT do for you extensive list which you can read below.


There’s a lot of online courses, programmes and retreats out there that make big claims about what they will give you, how they will transform your life, make you 6 figures fast, have men dropping at your feet…etc, etc.

I want to be real about what my online retreat is and what it isn’t, so that you’ll know if it’s the right fit for you or not.

Read on to learn what it can/may and cannot/may not do for you and why I created it in the first place.

I’ve thoroughly gone through this retreat to siphon the essence of what I feel you’ll get from it. This isn’t an exhaustive list because how each unique woman will benefit will be different. It may be from one particular piece, from three or from the overall experience of the retreat. Your desires and needs may be different on different days and when you’re in different phases of your cycle. Each time you take the retreat, you’ll experience something new, be able to go deeper into it, while also enjoying the familiarity.


If you’re still in menstruating years, I recommend doing this retreat the week prior to your bleed or during your bleed when often, women are in their most tender, sensitive phase when emotions are close to the surface. It’s often when we need some deeply nourishing time to listen to what we feel and the emotions that are come up at this time.

The ‘Autumn’ phase, which is the luteal phase of the cycle before the bleed is a time when darker thoughts and feelings can emerge and we view life through a different lens. Extra care is required. It can also be a highly creative, sensual and sexual time when women are able to feel so much more and have a strong desire to express this energy in some way. This can be a ‘ripe’ time to harvest, unleash, process, create and explore this often ‘wild’ energy.

What the Retreat CAN or MAY offer you:

PRESENCE – Some issues stem from simply not being present. This retreat will guide you back to the present moment and help you to tune-in with yourself and BE in the moment

OUT OF THE HEAD AND INTO THE BODY – EMBODIMENT – Presence also comes with bringing your awareness to your body, moving from a busy, over-active mind, repetitive thoughts, over-stimulated by tech, to being naturally in your body again.

CONNECTION – Using our bodies helps us all to develop an intimate relationship with them, to understand her language, listen to her needs and act on them.

NOURISHMENT – This retreat offers Feminine Soul nourishment, creative nourishment, emotional nourishment (giving attention to how you’re feeling) and sensual nourishment.

PEACE – Practices are simple for a reason. Life is complicated enough without needing to add to it. There’s a lot of turmoil in the world and that can really affect creative, sensitive women and throw us ‘off centre’. If retreats or programmes of this nature leave you feeling MORE stressed, overwhelmed with MORE things on your to-do list, they are missing the point. This retreat won’t do that. Simplicity fosters peace.

HEALING – Simply bringing awareness to our feminine centres can help to heal any ’emotion’ or painful experiences that may be held there. Through movement, visual journey, art and journal prompts, we find joyful ways to heal and release.

SAFE HAVEN – We all need an anchor and a safe haven to rest and rejuvenate. This retreat offers you instant guidance to return to your inner ‘home’ to replenish, revive and renew.

FEEL MORE SENSUAL – I guide you through a simple practice to awaken your senses and your sensuality. Feeling joy in your sensuality is completely natural to you as a woman.

ENLIVEN YOUR SENSES – In one class I show you a simple and accessible way to ignite your 6 senses of touch, taste, sound, sight, smell and sense.

STRENGTHEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO INTUITION – Build your sense of trust in yourself and the internal voice of your guidance.

DIVINE FEMININE – It can help you to connect with the divine feminine thread that runs through and connects you with all of life.

RESPECT, REVERANCE & THE GODDESS – I share some practices that help you to foster deep care, love and respect for the qualities of your feminine soul, to explore embodying the Goddess.

ART THAT TELLS A STORY – Your art reveals subtle and profound layers that can be more difficult to reach through other means. There are multiple layers that we can experience and read through the art we create. Like the colours we choose which have a certain frequency that influences how we feel. Shape, symbolism, texture and the images, emotions and feelings that arise as we create.

REVEAL – Through the art, you will reveal deeper soul messages through your feminine centres.

MENSTRUAL CYCLE – This retreat will introduce you to the power of your menstrual cycle and how to include this in your creative process.

REMINDER OF YOUR MOST NATURAL SELF – Your intrinsic connection to nature and with this Earth, returning you to your roots as a cyclical woman.

ENTRAINMENT – Never underestimate the power of entrainment. This means that you energetically connect and are influenced by other people whom you connect with in person or online. I embody a potent feminine energy that permeates everything that I create and do. So you’ll be tuning into my energy as well.


What this retreat CAN’T or MAY NOT offer you:

A BIOLOGY & ANATOMY LESSON – I won’t be teaching you anything anatomical in this retreat. It’s not about that. I’ll be guiding you through visual journey, awakening the senses and art, to ‘tune-in’ to your yoni and womb in a way you may not have experienced before.

GOSPEL – Don’t take everything I say as Gospel (or anyone else for that matter). Hopefully you’ll already know this. I want to encourage women to find their own unique way, unfolding as the unique expression of who they are.

SOLVING ALL YOUR PROBLEMS – It’s not going to solve all your problems, no programme or retreat will (hopefully also fairly obvious). But it will help you with the points mentioned above.

OVERTLY SEXUAL – It’s not a tantra course, about sex or overtly sexual in nature, but rather calls you to deepen into the subtler realms of your natural sensual nature.

TEACHING ART – I won’t be teaching you HOW to paint/draw etc, but rather provide guidance and suggestions for materials and to find the truest expression of you and your experience.

Read the FAQS on this page > Entering the Portal and If you have any questions about the retreat after, send me an email, I’d be happy to clarify anything for you.