Curious – interested in learning about people or things around you. As defined by the Cambridge English Dictionary. To lead with curiosity means we are open to discovery. It shows that we’re interested in life; in people and all the many things it means to be a human in the world. Children are naturally and delightfully curious – a stick or pebble might be interesting to a child and worthy of a 30-minute (or more!) exploration.

Curiosity means we are excited about possibility, interested in learning and open to change. Staying curious keeps us youthful, gives us energy and is vital to avoid stagnancy of mind, body and soul.

When we approach new people with curiosity, interested in what might be discovered, rather than with unmoveable opinions or judgements, we offer an open door to connection. We all have judgements, that’s fine, but if an attitude of curiosity doesn’t’ accompany those judgements, we miss learning something new from the interaction. This goes for self-discovery as well. We can be so harsh and critical of ourselves, but we’re actually all an incredibly intricate and fascinating sum of all of our parts. 

How do you stay curious when you’re in a place of feeling fearful, mildly depressed, or highly critical of yourself? I invite in my ‘Curious Witness’ – this is what I call the part of me that can observe what is happening from a place of fascination – curious to discover what triggered these feelings and why this is coming up now. Sometimes, I have to leave it a while, then reflect on it later with curiosity. When I stay curious, I can explore, accept and evolve. Self-discovery can be an adventure if we enter into it with curiosity. With a fascination to unravel some of our mystery and complexity. Staying curious is a how we grow.


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Jane Cormack - The Art of Feminine Presence