This month, as part of our online Language of the Feminine community theme on Intuition and the Language of the World, I interviewed Sylviana Geoffray – Women Awakening translator & teacher, Zumba teacher, jewellery designer, Industrial Engineer, Breastfeeding mentor and mother of 3!

In this interview Sylviana shares her personal story of what triggered her extreme burn-out 2 years ago and what she did to bring herself back to health, to feeling grounded and rooted in her own body. We talk about the science of meditation, your body as land, how to shine a light within yourself to get to know who you are so that you can have greater discernment (and trust) between when your intuition is speaking and when it’s your mind or ego. We talk about finding ‘home’ within and a sense of belonging when you’re tri-cultural and Sylviana even shares a ‘live’ intuitive moment of how she experiences her intuition through connection with me.


We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this conversation – so tell us, what is the main takeaway that has stuck with you and that you’ll bring into your life? – Share your main takeaways in the comments section below.

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Introducing Sylviana >

Sylviana is both French and Colombian and she lived in Canada for 10 years before moving for two years to Edinburgh with her family. She is an industrial engineer by trade and has worked in manufacturing environments but her passion for jewellery design and jewellery making and gemstones lead her to work in the jewellery industry and make her own jewellery line. She is married and she is presently at home taking care of her three small children. She has been a breastfeeding mentor for 4 years with the NGO Nourrilait in Canada helping women and babies to overcome the challenges of breastfeeding in the first six months of motherhood. She loves dancing so she became a Zumba instructor 4 years ago and she offers classes where parents can come with their children to enjoy a workout. She works as a translator for the worldwide movement ‘Mujeres Que Despiertan’, Women Awakening, a movement started in Colombia to empower women individually and collectively through a transformational program of women circles, workshops and certified trainings. She is currently in charge of doing the translations of this program into English and French and is currently training to become a Certified Circle Facilitator. She has been facilitating these women’s circles for almost a year, twice a month in Edinburgh, in the Planetary Healing Centre of Portobello.

Community, Connection & Belonging

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