For years, I cursed my period when it came. Whatever I was doing, whatever momentum I had gotten into, however good (or not) life was, it would all stop. Every.single.month. I was forced into doing nothing but lie in my bed and sleep with a hot water bottle clutched to my belly as the accumulation of the months ‘debris’ left my body and soul.

I was frustrated because, as a woman who experienced dysmenorrhea (painful periods), I felt I was at a disadvantage. I felt I was missing out: missing out on having fun, missing out on income and opportunities for my business, missing out on ‘doing things’, missing out on life and living!  

Periods were painful. This was the message unconsciously passed on to me from my mother and from her mother and what I witnessed first-hand as a child. And it’s what I experienced for many years myself.

Born from this experience (and a real interest in optimal health), I started acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, stopped drinking alcohol, cut out gluten and coffee, had long stints of no sugar, tried western herbal medicine, energy healing, studied Reiki, I sometimes took Feminax painkillers that would numb the pain if I needed to do something, I tried live blood microscopy (to see the health of blood cells), numerous doctor’s appointments, reflexology, massage, supplements, nutritionist appointments and more all by the time I was 26! 

Then, at 30, after an ‘apparent’ diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome, (which I now don’t have and am not certain I ever did!), I started going to workshops about hormones, reading and studying – I trained to be an Art of Feminine Presence teacher and worked deeply into the energetics of my wombspace, while helping other women to do the same. 


Now, more than a decade later, looking back on many years of cycling and explorations, and having now studied menstrual cycle awareness for 7+ years, I can say….I have been WORKED deeply and fully by my cycle process and I know myself so much more intimately because of this.

I’ve learnt that there is true magic, profound wisdom and deep intelligence in the way my cycle works and what it tells me about how I am travelling through life. And I know that each person who bleeds or has bled, has that ‘unique to you’ knowledge inside of them as well.



If you haven’t already noticed, there’s an ever-growing movement of women waking up to the wisdom of their cycles. That’s because, our cycles are the key to better health, more energy, self-awareness and an in-built self-care DIY tool! (And a hellva lot more too).

Have you begun exploring the power, magic and healing that your menstrual cycle can show you? If not, then read on…I’ve created a foundational first step for you…

And, if you’re wondering  if I’m just going to be talking periods from now on, then stick around; this is a piece woven into a much larger body of work.


Yes! The Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle is an on-demand, self-paced mini e-Course and a foundational guide to getting to know the magic inherent in your menstrual cycle.

The fundamentals of cycle-awareness is a vital piece on the path of self-discovery, which is one of the reasons I’ve created this mini-course…and, it’s available for you to get started right now.

Through cycle exploration, you will begin to:

  • understand yourself more deeply
  • learn to identify and meet your own needs
  • feel your connectivity to nature and the cycles of life
  • take care of your body better
  • learn to flow with your own rhythm and work with your own energy rather than push against it

In this mini-course, you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental basics about the biology of your cycle and hormones
  • What cycles are and how they support us
  • The inner seasons and phases of your menstrual cycle
  • How to chart and track your cycle and why you should start now
  • How to identify and meet your needs through charting
  • Self-Care for your cycle and what influences your cycle experience
  • Your past and current beliefs about menstrual cycles and the impact this has on your body

As an introductory offer, the mini-course is currently £29. All future updates and extensions will be free for those who have purchased the course at this price for as long as the course is available. (The price may also go up if I extend the course).

Get Started Now

Some points to note >>

For peri and post-menopausal women: If you don’t have a cycle because you’re post-menopausal, you can follow the cycles of the moon. Exploring in this way can be an opportunity to reclaim knowledge from your menstrual years that can give you deep insights into The Language of You. How to chart post-menopause is included in the e-book, however, if you’re looking to learn more about menopause, then this is not covered in this mini-course. To learn more about who the course is for and not for, click here.

The mini-course is intended for those aged 18+ and beyond (as is all my related work), and is not intended for young girls or teenagers. If you’re interested in courses for girls, then reach out and I’ll point you in the right direction.

There truly is a world of discovery within your menstrual cycle, and I would say, for highly sensitive women, it’s a gamechanger for your physical, psychological health and energy and really, so.much.more.

Discover the world of magic within your cycle – Get Started with the mini-course right now – Click here – Menstrual Magic!

Feel free to reach out with any questions,

with spring love,

Jane Cormack - The Art of Feminine Presence