You are creative and feminine!

Even if you don’t think you are; creativity and femininity emerge in often subtle and unique ways in our daily experiences.

I’ve just finished hosting a retreat here in The Netherlands alongside my co-host and friend Marielle van Dop.  We taught The Feminine Art of Listening to a group of women using the tools of nature and creativity to access our femininity and feminine expression.

The experience for us all was deep, creative, full, spontaneous, natural, opening, connecting and so much more.  All of the women learnt how to access and express the deep feminine nature that was already there within them, but was not being fully expressed or ‘listened’ to.We can read as much literature and information on expressing the feminine as we like….but it’s in the actual experiencing of, and witnessing of what feminine expression looks and feels like, that we learn the most.  This is because we are not trying to understand concepts through the mind.  We can read books etc to support and deepen the experience but books alone will not do.

Through the feminine we understand through our feeling bodies; that is through our emotional intelligence.  We learn to ‘read’ energy, to feel flow, to hear inner guidance, to trust, to express, to change ‘plans’, be spontaneous, speak our wisdom, we learn acceptance and to honour ourselves and each other.  Accessing this wisdom is best experienced within a group not only because of the connections and friendships made but because we are all mirrors to each other and encourage each other to be who we really are.

That said, there will be another opportunity to come to a Feminine Art of Listening workshop this August in Findhorn, Scotland!!

Marielle and I will be offering a one day workshop on Saturday the 4th of August at The Moray Art Centre.  We’d love for you to join us this summer so check out the details below on how to be part of this awesome experience.


The Feminine Art of Listening ~ Connecting Nature & Creativity Workshop ~ Findhorn, Scotland

When: Saturday the 4th of August, 2012, 10.00am – 4.00pm.
Where: Moray Art Centre, The Park, Findhorn, Forres, IV36 3TA.
Cost: £50 – £65 sliding scale including art materials + tea & coffee.
To Book & further info: Contact Jane at or call  +44 (0)7500386973 (UK).
You can also view more information on The Moray Art Centre Page

To inspire you, I’ve made a video slideshow of images from our three day retreat in The Netherlands last weekend.

You can watch the video here:

I’d love to hear
  • how you express and access your feminine energy
  • why you may feel that you don’t express your feminine side enough
  • what being feminine means to you…what does it look like?
So do leave a comment right here!

From rainy! Friesland in The Netherlands……..Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love