Open the door
and welcome the wanderers

There’s no need
to reach out
for I am here
and we are
all together now.

We gather
gypsy child,
homeless homemaker.

I welcome back,
into my present home
all of you,
of me,
of us;
holding hands,
moving in and out
of all our aspects.

©Jane A. Cormack


The Language of You

Deep Mentorship for Women

Remember who you are, and who you came here to be

Personal 1:1 Mentoring is for women aged 18+ to return home to themselves, to develop sacred and self-loving relationships and to keep the embers of their internal source burning bright.



Everything is a language, including you…




If you’ve been feeling:

  • scattered or misunderstood – even distracted and ‘pulled around’ by the times we are currently living in and you’ve lost touch with your own truth and what you are ‘meant’ to be doing
  • you have a sense there’s a greater power/depth within you, yet you still feel some self-doubt and are unsure of how to actually BE that in the world
  • low in confidence or even hesitant about being who you are
  • a yearning to be appreciated and seen for who you are and the gifts you are here to bring
  • that you want to stop checking-in with the world all the time – comparing yourself to others and to discover your own unique strengths and special ‘language’
  • that you want to stop holding back from all that you have to give the world or hiding yourself due to fear/insecurity/self-doubt/because your waiting for someone’s permission


The Language of You Mentorship can support you to:

  • remember the beauty of who you are
  • communicate with confidence about what’s important to you and what you stand for
  • return to the feeling of being completely ‘home’ within yourself
  • Feel excited about what makes you unique
  • Be courageous and confident to be exactly who you were born to be, i.e. live your own story and not someone’s else’s version
  • Realise the power of your own desires and intuition
  • Harness the magic and intelligence inherent in your menstrual cycle
  • Re-align your life to live cyclically, by your own natural rhythms in the way that is best for you and your lifestyle
  • Recognise the inner voices that prevent you from being who you truly are and taking steps towards the life you actually want to be living
  • Relax – love who you are – enjoy yourself and your life

Client experience (5 week Feminine Presence course)

Typically, I work with women who are still in their menstruating years as we use the intelligence and power inherent in each woman’s menstrual cycle as a foundation for deeper self-knowledge and connection. 

Through personal mentoring you can explore and gain clarity on >

Life Direction, finding meaning and purpose in who you are and what you do, developing a loving and sacred relationship with yourself. Feminine awareness, developing self-trust, confidence, understanding your unique ‘language’ of expression and your true nature. Awakening or unlocking your creativity, growing awareness of boundaries and blocks, personal sensitivities, menstrual cycle awareness and how to work with female body cycles as teacher, deep nourishment, understanding the language of your dreams, personal archetype mapping, your sovereignty.

I offer a compassionate, aware and loving presence, listening to undercurrents of energy and emotion that you may not be aware of yourself. I guide women to discover and listen to their own unique inner mentor.


Jane widens our perception on the variety of ways available to us, to find our own unique inner mentor. – Marijke Derese – Psychotherapist at Essensual, Belgium


Looking for immediate support and a sound listening sister?

Book a 45 minute Tune-in – Check-In call > In these short calls, we’ll breathe, get present, tune-in, check-in and recalibrate. We move from head to body, heart and womb so you’ll leave feeling centred, grounded and clear to make your own next best choices from your own internal guidance system. That’s it. Short, focused and immediate support to return to centre.
If you know you’d like this form of immediate support – read the ‘what you need to know’ dropdown below as well as the ‘client policies’ dropdown at the end of this page – if you agree and are happy to go ahead – click the button below to be taken to the Paypal payment page. Alternatively, contact me via the form on this page with any questions you have.

What you need to know


  • please make sure you use a contactable email for checkout (if your paypal email is not your contactable one, then please add the correct email in the message box)
  • you are purchasing one 45 minute Tune-In-Check-In session with me held over zoom or skype
  • the session cost is £45GBP and is valid within eight weeks from purchase, thereafter, it will be forfeited. If you have particular/special circumstances whereby you’re not able to use the session within this time-frame, please contact me to discuss
  • please note that the 20 minute initial exploratory calls are not available for these 45 minute sessions and are only for women interested in longer mentorship journeys – if you would like to contact me before booking a 45 min session, then you can do so via the contact form on this page
  • after payment, I will contact you to schedule our session
  • please be aware that these sessions are non-refundable after purchase so make sure you have read everything on this page before you commit to purchasing – alternatively, use the contact form for any lingering queries

Mentorship Journey

I work exclusively with just 1-3 mentoring clients at a time so that I can give my best energy whilst also taking care of my own wellbeing. The Mentorship journey is taken over time and is ongoing until there is a sense of completion or need for rest/integration periods.

During your mentorship journey with me, you will have access to every tool in my tool kit as and when they feel relevant.

Mentoring sessions can include creative work, voice expression, feminine embodiment practices, visual journeys and meditations, talking, heart-intelligence, pleasure projects, menstrual awareness practice, energy work, sacred witnessing and a plethora of other modalities. We work and play together with the tools that are right for you at any given time…which may also include holding space in silence.

All of this is rooted in the wisdom of your menstrual cycle as your teacher and guide to a life that is aligned to your own rhythm, that moves in cycles and makes you feel empowered, confident, creative…and alive.

How to Apply:

Fill in the contact form below to let me know you are interested in personal mentoring or with any questions you may have. We’ll then arrange a mutually suitable time to connect online via Skype or Zoom for an initial, informal 20 minute call to get to know each other. I’ll ask questions to gain clarity on what you’re looking for and, if we decide we’re a good fit, then we’ll arrange our schedule for the following time period agreed (typically 1-6 months), I’ll send you any resources that may be relevant for you before we begin, all the practical details*, and then we’re good to go!

It’s my honour to be your guide through the current terrain of your life experience and support you where needed.

*Please check Client Policies dropdown below for further information.
The form below directly contacts me, you will not be added or subscribed to any mailing list.

Contact - Be the first to know when the next mentoring places become available

How has working with Jane during your Mentoring Journey supported, inspired or catalysed things for you?

I feel more complete in myself and as though I’m much more at home than I was when I moved to a new city. It feels as though I’m on the right path and things have been gradually moving into place because of that.

I have learnt useful practices that I can apply on the days that require them. I’m more in touch with the ebbs and flows of my cycle and the effect this has on different days.

Becoming more aware of my cycles has helped me achieve more balance as well and helped me to place moods, energies and emotions. I’ve also had some wonderful experiences through the guided meditations.

I think working with Jane has given me the confidence to do more and has helped me improve my relationship with myself.

Mentoring has improved my experience of the world at large and it feels as though a lot of positive things have happened this year.

12 month Mentoring Client - Edinburgh

About Jane as Mentor

I went to a workshop with Jane and bought her book, which I was really impressed by. I got the sense it was the result of years of research, trainings and personal practice.

I do think finding a mentor is very subjective but I’ve had plenty of councillors, coaches and therapists over the years and Jane has definitely stood out.

I think Jane engages fully in our sessions and is able to ‘read’ me and hear me in her fullest capacity.

I feel a genuine sense of warmth and care when I discuss any problems with Jane and am aware that she’s always utilising her creativity when she makes suggestions.

She’s encouraging, willing to share tools that she’s benefited from and is creative in her suggestions.

She’s professional, reliable and genuinely caring. She’s also able to tailor sessions to my needs.

12 month Mentoring client - Edinburgh

Client Policies

Terms & Conditions – Timing – Payments – Cancellation Policy – Scheduling:

Mentoring sessions are not a replacement for therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatric care or any form of medical advice if that is what you need.

Mentoring is a process of deep self-enquiry which may activate emotional/psychological  or physical reactions in you and is an invitation to participate fully in your process with self-awareness and self-responsibility. All exercises and prompts suggested by me to you are fully invitational and optional.

All mentoring sessions take place online via Skype or Zoom – please be sure to have whichever platform we decide on, downloaded prior to our first session.

Call from a private, quiet and comfortable space and use a hands-free headset where possible.


Please arrive on time for your sessions, if you are late for any reason, I cannot guarantee that your session will be extended due to other appointments.

If you must cancel an appointment, please let me know at least 96 hours (4 days) in advance as this time is being held for you. This allows me time to reschedule or fill your session space.

If you wish to reschedule your sessions within 48 hours of your booked time, you’ll be charged a £15 rebooking fee to be paid via Paypal or bank transfer.

Any late cancellations will not be refunded.

Any missed appointments will not be rescheduled or refunded.


For ongoing mentoring, a monthly invoice will be emailed to you prior to our first session of each month. Payment should be made for that month prior to our session (unless we have agreed otherwise).

Once our mentorship journey is underway, all mentoring fees are non-refundable.