Valenine Day


Happy Valentines Day!

Today is a reminder, of LOVE.

Although days like Valentines and Mothers and Fathers day are highly commercialised now, they can still act as points of remembrance in the year to appreciate all that we may take for granted and to consciously acknowledge what they symbolise.

Valentines day is supposed to be about romantic love, however, it can simply be a reminder to love, to be love, to love yourself and show that love.

Watch this interview on self-love and listening for love that Health Coach and author, Faith Canter and I recorded for you to remind us all of the ways we can show love and give love to ourselves today, and every other day for that matter!




Our Feminine Embodiment – Creative, Intuitive, Sensual Self Day Retreat for Women is coming up on Sunday 26th of February in our magical cottage in South Lanarkshire. This is a special place in the hills in the heart of nature, with trickling streams, beautiful trees, birds singing and a place to warm ourselves by the hearth.

We deepen into feminine embodiment practices to awaken our creative, intuitive and sensual selves.

Learn more and join us for this empowering day to connect with your deeper self and others (and give yourself some self-love!) > Read, learn and book your place here > DAY RETREAT



Wishing you a loving day,

With love for yourself and your life…


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